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Photo Challenge: Reward

After a marathon three-and-a-half day journey from Arizona  – taxi ride, overnight flight, rental car, hotel, channel tunnel, drive, drive, drive, hotel, drive,drive, drive – to the south of France, our Reward was this:

French wine on the terrace

and this:

Mediterranean coast in France

and this:

French flower market

and this:

Sete, France

and this:

French food

And of course we got our just desserts:

French food

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Afternoon Tea with Sir Lancelot


New rule Rule of Thirds:  Eat two thirds of a scrumptious afternoon tea and take one third home.

“Who ate those treats on the back of the bottom plate where you’ve turned it around hoping we wouldn’t see?” I hear you ask.

It was Sir Lancelot. Still dressed up after some Fat Tuesday shenanigans he had a bit of an appetite.



Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Sunset in the Florida Keys for the rule of thirds challenge:

Long Key Sunset, Florida Keys

And for the effect of bokeh, a focal point leaping out from the blurred background, Larry lizard peaking out from a palmetto leaf at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina:

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

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Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Except for the ill thought out placement of chimneys for a symmetrical photograph, Anglesey Abbey (first built as a priory during the reign of Henry I, i.e. 1100 – 1135) displays near perfect symmetry:

Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire, UK

Don’t look too closely. There are other flaws in symmetry.

You looked at this picture and thought our house hunt was over, didn’t you? We decided not to make an offer as the heating bills might strain our budget.


Still house hunting . . . .





Any of these take your fancy? There wouldn’t be any garden maintenance. I wonder what the neighbours are like? The accommodation might be a bit small. Good view of the North Sea though. Nice beach just a few steps away. It could be our only opportunity for a seaside “villa!”

Yes, I’ve posted similar pictures before. I’m rather smitten with beach huts.

I had thought they were a quintessentially British “quirk” – somewhere to cower and make a cup of tea on your camping stove when the weather is foul – but I’ve discovered them in other countries as well. Have you seen any?

Have you seen these?

Photo Challenge: Scale

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, symbolizing westward expansion in the United States . . .

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

. . . . . is so huge, we had to take a Mississippi River trip to fit the whole thing in the camera lens:

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

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