Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Far from being an artist myself, I look for art through my camera lens.  Nature seldom disappoints. A much anticipated trip after our boat trip on Lake Powell to Rainbow Arch was a tour of Antelope Canyon.

On Navajo land, an Indian guide  takes you from the the town of Page Arizona on a rather hairy exhilarating ride in an open top truck through streets, then tire-sucking sand dunes to the entrance of the canyon.

Our patient Navajo guide, Bruce, pointed out good camera angles and whimsically named rock formations to overexcited tourists crowding through the narrow slot canyon.

An ordinary hole in the rock? Not so much:

Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ

The play of light on the water carved rock was astonishing:

Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ

“Lincoln’s Nose!”:

Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ

“Monument Valley”:

Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ

The site (we were told) of the original National Geographic photograph that captured the public’s imagination:

Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ

What more can I say? Wow! Nature doing the work for me.

Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ

Guided tours only through: Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation.

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77 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. What a brilliant place to visit… is this the area where that bloke got his arm stuck and amputated it himself??? I think the movie of it was called “127 hours”…


      1. He became trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot canyon in Blue John Canyon, southeastern Utah… my USA geography is not that good, but it looks similar to that which I saw in the film…


  2. Beautiful, Carol. We visited about 10 years ago (I well recall that “exhilarating” ride in the open truck) and have wanted to return ever since. I know how incredibly difficult it is to capture the light and colors in Antelope Canyon — you did it justice!


  3. I can’t remember which photographer it was, but he said that he ended up choosing photography because it was the only artistic endeavour he was any good at.

    I particularly like the fourth photo with the back lighting that seems to glow.


          1. We *almost* veered north to Page as we were crossing over from new mexico en route to Vegas yesterday. But after 3 days in the car… we opted for a straight shot through and home by 8pm. (versus midnight).

            I’m planning a Rim to River hike of GC while I’m here, so I’m thinking we’ll make it a 2-3 day thing and venture up to Page at that time. Your photos have definitely put it to the top of my list.


  4. OMG! Knowing that a picture NEVER lives up the actual experience of being there, these pictures are soooo amazing, I can’t begin to imagine how perfect it must have looked. WOW!


  5. I remember you commented on my Antelope Canyon post that you had been there. You have some lovely photos of this extraordinary place and the second one looks very much like one of mine – it must be a ‘classic’ shot! http://wp.me/pL5Ms-15j
    Great choice for the challenge 🙂
    Jude xx


      1. Doesn’t really matter. Maybe like an artist I met last week at Artisphere here in Greenville, SC. She creates amazing visuals, several which I would love to have, and would love for her to illustrate my stories of Little One’s Journey. I asked her how she comes up with the ideas for the images she creates. She said she just starts painting and it happens. Here is the first one I knew I wanted (sadly cannot even afford prints right now, but time will come). http://www.sarahkaufmanart.com/124357/new-work/


    1. It’s certainly worth a trip. Unfortunately the noon tours were all booked up. It’s the BEST time to go when the sun is shining straight down through the slot. Put it on your bucket list!


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