And Then The Sun Came Out . . . .

. . . . What a Treat!
The rain thundered down all night. The day dawned grey and bleak. Southwold’s beach and the North Sea were uninviting:

southwold beach

The town was drab:


And then the sun came out and lit the candy-striped beach huts:

southwold beach huts

It bathed the swans in gold:

swan lake in southwold

swan lake in southwold

And provided a stunning sunset:

sunset in southwold

Our last night before we put our caravan “to bed” for the winter was perfect.
Post for the photo challenge “treat.”

64 thoughts on “And Then The Sun Came Out . . . .

    1. I’ve been in and out of blogging conscientiousness for the last few months – mostly out. House is good. Neighbours one side are good. Neighbours the other side are pants – barking dogs. Pants. Barking. Hahaha. Get me.
      How are you? Just read your last post. Very upset about it all. Get a lump in my throat whenever I read the news from your beautiful adopted country.

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      1. I’ve been in the same situation for the blogging world, currently revving up my pen again.
        I have a barking mad neighbour on one side -I’d prefer to have dogs barking to a miserable old fart who rips my plants up. Want to swap?
        I’m determined to cheer up but it’s proving difficult with recent events. PF came back from work so sad on Monday – the students were crying during the minute of silence. One of the Masters students was killed at the Bataclan on Friday. It shows that people from all over France and even abroad were in the same room in the same city. A magnet for happiness, wrecked by losers with guns.


  1. Carol! I’m so glad you popped over to my blog tonight! I totally missed this post in my reader when you posted it! You found a house! (hooray!) Your arm hurts? (oh no!) You had no internet? (Good God!) You’re back? (happy day!) I missed you! I missed teasing you. I missed your alligator pix. I missed your wry sense of humour. You need to definitely be back now! Your Christmas gift to the blogosphere!

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  2. Ah i remember the sadness i always felt putting the caravan to bed for the winter. Sadly now we have no caravan. I do hope you have a peaceful and relaxing winter and are refreshed for the next season in your holiday haven x

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  3. So glad to see you! I miss your humor! I miss your photos! I miss you!
    So I see we have a house. I hope we hear about it. Sorry to see your hand/arm is giving you problems! You are in my thoughts.
    The sun shining in your photos shows us we all have hope… your return is here!

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    1. Hi Sue! Well we found a house. That’s the good news. I’ve had probs with my whole right arm. That and lack of Internet has contributed to my silence. Your post about dead blogs made me think, should I . . . . ? Obviously I’m not ready to give up yet!

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  4. You’ve been missed here too – I had been wondering what you were up to, and if I should just make a comment to find out.:-) .But here you are again, sharing these beautiful scenes! Hope you had a great summer! πŸ™‚

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              1. omg – you have time capsules!! Awesome!

                If it was me, I’d make it a special event … requiring wine and nibblies – maybe special company to join you for the grand opening. There are stories in there begging to be remembered πŸ™‚

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                1. You may it sound so exciting where we’ve been dreading it! We’ve got so much stuff to sort through and I’m not good at throwing things away. Do you want a piano? A 10-year-old washing machine? Bikinis I dare not wear now?


    1. Hey Jude! Lovely to see you too. I’ve been buying stuff and selling stuff, buffing up my new granite worktops and gardening. Gardening! Well mostly weeding, and spreading compost ready for the onslaught of the bulb and shrub order!


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