Photo Challenge: Reward

After a marathon three-and-a-half day journey from Arizona  – taxi ride, overnight flight, rental car, hotel, channel tunnel, drive, drive, drive, hotel, drive,drive, drive – to the south of France, our Reward was this:

French wine on the terrace

and this:

Mediterranean coast in France

and this:

French flower market

and this:

Sete, France

and this:

French food

And of course we got our just desserts:

French food

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45 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Reward

  1. All those pictures look like a bit of heaven to me right now *sigh* I’ll just sit here and stare longingly for a few more minutes …. especially that lovely tree-lined street with the flower vendor … ❤


    1. It was nearly two years ago MM. We stayed in St. Genie de Fontadit and I probably could have skipped to your house but I don’t think we ‘met’ until around that time or just after. We may be down that way again this summer. If I give you enough notice it will give you time to run and hide.

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  2. And again we’re back to the alcohol…you know, I’m really starting to wonder about you….. 🙂 Just kidding! It all looks luscious!


    1. Oh dear. You picked up on that did you? But of course I was hoping you’d admire the way the light was glinting off the glasses and the afternoon shadows.
      But then this isn’t ‘twinkle’ or ‘shadow.’ It’s ‘reward’ – the stuff in the glasses. 😕


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