Afternoon Tea with Sir Lancelot


New rule Rule of Thirds:  Eat two thirds of a scrumptious afternoon tea and take one third home.

“Who ate those treats on the back of the bottom plate where you’ve turned it around hoping we wouldn’t see?” I hear you ask.

It was Sir Lancelot. Still dressed up after some Fat Tuesday shenanigans he had a bit of an appetite.



45 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea with Sir Lancelot

    1. After playing by the rules on my first entry to the challenge, I suddenly realised our cake gluttony and slight restraint by taking one third home could be a new rule. And Sir L was such an engaging fellow I just had to share. Thanks for the visit and nice to meet you too, Jo.

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  1. Haha… great response to the challenge. Now if you’d invited me along I would happily have been the third person. No need then to take cakes home. It has been quite a cake day today – I must have put on at least a stone, having partaken in your ‘tea’ and watched Mary Berry baking for ‘afternoon tea’ this morning whilst cuddling newest granddaughter. But I am happy and all caked out 🙂


      1. Thank you! You forget how tiny they are.

        I have nominated you for the 5 day B&W challenge, I know you are a very busy person so no problem if you cannot fit this in, but what I like about it is it is only for 5 days and you can use archived photos and have fun playing around with B&W.

        Of course this is only if you have the time and want to. See my blog for the extremely simple rules
        Jude xx


  2. Tea looks lovely and I like your take on the rule of thirds, but what’s up with Lancelot… this the medieval beginnings of gender reassignment? 🙂


          1. Okay, I suppose it is totally understandable since it does look so delightful….but… was rather lame of you to cast blame on poor old Lancelot over there who is long gone and cannot defend himself against your claims….as we established before…the ‘man’ obviously already had quite a few issues to be dealing with anyway…… 🙂

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