Still house hunting . . . .





Any of these take your fancy? There wouldn’t be any garden maintenance. I wonder what the neighbours are like? The accommodation might be a bit small. Good view of the North Sea though. Nice beach just a few steps away. It could be our only opportunity for a seaside “villa!”

Yes, I’ve posted similar pictures before. I’m rather smitten with beach huts.

I had thought they were a quintessentially British “quirk” – somewhere to cower and make a cup of tea on your camping stove when the weather is foul – but I’ve discovered them in other countries as well. Have you seen any?

Have you seen these?

25 thoughts on “Still house hunting . . . .

    1. They are where you keep your deck chairs and beach towels for the nice weather and camping stove and blankets for foul weather. Nothing stops the British from enjoying themselves at the seaside. 😊


  1. On the positive front, at least you’ve got a place to live while you hunt. In less than 60 days, I will have to hand over the keys to my place, whether or not I find something to move into. My options at this point are:
    1. Find a house that I love enough to spend stupid sums of money on it – and hope it’s available for a march 31st closing.
    2. Move in with my parents or in-laws while we continue to hunt.
    3. Become homeless.

    Honestly, I’d choose 3 over 2 if it came down to it. I suspect hubby will opt for 2.

    I may just head to Vegas until he find something here.


    1. Don’t forget Nancy that we were homeless and living out of suitcases for 3 1/2 months after we got here. The garage is even now full of boxes and we have had crates in storage for 10 years while we’ve been gypsies. Even our tiny house is temporary. So we’ve moved and will move again. You could rent. It can be done but I don’t recommend it. I hope you find your house as I hope we find our house. I’m done with homelessness.

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    1. That was an exceptional price. You can pick these up for a snip at £3,000 to £6,000. Still no plumbing or electricity. The ads handily tell you how far away the nearest showers and toilets are! 😞


      1. Isn’t that generous! 😉

        The first time I encountered these little cabins was in Austria. I can understand why they would be great to have … and difficult to purchase!


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