55 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?

  1. O M G. Carol! This is adorable! And how glad I am you popped over to my blog this morning and read so many things in quick succession. It appears you’ve fallen off my Reader! I seem to have missed a few of your posts. Am off to catch up now (how long has this been going on? No idea!) Do hope to find out your arm is coming along… I’ve been waiting for an update that would never have come. Re-following you now and hoping it sticks!


    1. I wondered wondered what had happened to you Torrie. I thought you must taken a break. Then I saw you commenting on other blogs. Then I had trouble getting onto your site. It kept coming up with only your About page. Not helped by using WP app on my phone. When I’m next on the laptop (awkward to use with left hand only) I’ll make sure I’m following you. Again.

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      1. Thanks, Carol. I’m trying hard to be more consistent in my posting now that the furor has seemingly died down over here and we’re back to our normal levels of chaos. LOL. I haven’t tried that WP app yet…..I’m still trying on this “smart” phone of mine…..evidently, I’m too dumb to figure it out! Who knew smart phones were for smart people? Could’ve saved myself some bux!


        1. In your defense, it’s not that easy. I’ve been using the WP app since last summer and I’m still figuring stuff out. Maybe to a computer geek it makes sense but anything I get right comes as a big surprise to me.


          1. Hah. Thank you. Do appreciate the support. A computer geek, I am definitely not! I’m happy when I can find my way on here and get a post out!

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                  1. How lovely! I try to collect Christmas decorations from every destination I visit, although I often forget and obviously don’t always travel around the festive season, so I end up with some random objects on my Christmas tree! πŸ˜€


  2. Love this! It put s me in mind of the people that lived behind a friend of mine years ago. They had one of those classic Madonna in the Garden statues out all year long and at Christmas, they would put a Santa hat on her head. Terrific

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