Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Except for the ill thought out placement of chimneys for a symmetrical photograph, Anglesey Abbey (first built as a priory during the reign of Henry I, i.e. 1100 – 1135) displays near perfect symmetry:

Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire, UK

Don’t look too closely. There are other flaws in symmetry.

You looked at this picture and thought our house hunt was over, didn’t you? We decided not to make an offer as the heating bills might strain our budget.


32 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Symmetry

  1. Can’t believe you passed that up…..geez, what’s wrong with you? 🙂 Heating, windows, gardens, but also by the time you finished cleaning it, it would be time to start over again!


      1. We’re already seeing a lot more promising properties listing every day, and it’ll get better the closer we get to March. My issue is we gave to vacate thus place Mar 31st, and I really font want to move twice. 😦


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