49 thoughts on “A Vehicular Rainbow

    1. You never heard of Roy G. Biv? Why it’s Roy G. Bivolo, Rainbow Raider. I’ve never heard heard of him either. 🙂 So is it an acronym or pneumonic/mnemonic? ROYGBIV is an acronym and Roy G. Biv is a mnemonic. Am I over thinking this? I would have been happy to go with the colours of the rainbow.

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    1. Thank you, Pam. I remembered taking that first photo and could picture the gift shop but it took quite a lot of wading through the swamp in my brain to remember where the gift shop was so I could find the photo! Do you do that? Have an image in your head but can’t remember where it was?

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      1. That was nice of them….and even before your plaster cast! Almost makes you think you’re worth flattering anytime, huh? 🙂


          1. Ok, what I meant to say last night when I was tired and incoherent was that we didn’t learn about the Duke of York at school so it wouldn’t have made a good numonic for us. (But then I didn’t learn about Roy G. Biv either.)


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