33 thoughts on “Whoohoo!

    1. We had been to see Rainbow Arch on Lake Powell, accessible only by a boat trip, so that along with watching the jetskiers was our excitement for the day. Have you been to Lake Powell?


      1. Hmm…..Carol, at this point, after these moves and everything that’s happened in the last 18 months, all I know is I’m a tired person! LOL. I have always wanted to try jet skis, but I’m not much of a lake/river/ocean girl. Like swimming in pools when I get the chance. This post of yours really caught my attention because of the airboat….my grandparents lived in Florida and one of the things they took us to when we visited was airboats. They were big in the boating scene, any kind of boat. Anyway, when I saw your photo, that just immediately came to mind. Nice memory….


        1. You should try it if you get the chance – less energetic than the Jetski. I was in another airboat when I took that picture. It’s very loud and quite exciting. That dog seems to be enjoying it, doesn’t he?

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    1. Well . . . I was in another airboat with Wild Bill when I took the first picture but I was in a sedate passenger boat on Lake Powell when that couple who looked ‘slightly’ younger than I am started jumping our wake. I’ve never jetskied. Have you?


        1. I’ve done a little waterskiing on the Chesapeake Bay and a little tubing which was . . . . interesting. I don’t think think my framework would hold up to jetskiing these days. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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