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Hoodoo! not Whoohoo!

The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon have to be seen to be believed – difficult to describe!

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah  Hoodoos differ from pinnacles or spires with their Intricate shapes formed by erosion of layers of rock of different types.

090227Bryce 112

Hoodoos are also called tent rocks, fairy chimneys and earth chimneys. Which is your favourite name?

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

These photos are all the same vista taken with wide angle to zoom at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, U.S.A.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Lake Powell, Utah, Arizona

The best way to see the upper reaches of the stunning Glen Canyon is to be “on the move” on a boat on Lake Powell. The Colorado River was dammed above the Grand Canyon, creating the lake.

Lake Powell, Utah, Arizona

What’s that speck in our wake?

Jetski, Lake Powell, Utah, Arizona

Jet skiers having fun jumping our wake!

Lake Powell, Utah, Arizona

The only way to see Rainbow Bridge is by boat. The rock arch is static, not fitting this week’s theme, but I’m sure the people – see tiny dots at base of the left side of the arch – are “on the move!”

rainbow Bridge, Lake Powell, Utah

I’m a bit slow off the mark with this challenge as they are published each Friday and it’s Wednesday already. My brain is a bit sluggish. I seem to have been struck with some strange virus that most affects me from the neck up – headache, earache, nose-ache! and eye-ache! It’s like a cold that hasn’t come out except for the occasional volcanic sneeze that makes himself jump and utter obscenities.

Gazing at old photos seems all I’m capable of at the moment.

For details of the challenge, push the blue button!


Turn Here Honey!

“You said we need gas. Turn here!”

Gas Station on the road to Monument Valley

“Do you think the pumps are still working?” Standard Oil was broken up under the antitrust laws in 1911 some of which eventually became Exxon, Mobil and Chevron. As you can see we were in Cow Springs which is on Route 160 in Arizona on the way to Monument Valley not to be confused with Wild Cow Springs Recreation Area in western Arizona not to be confused with mad cows. Speaking of which himself may have brought them to mind when I entreated him to “Turn here!”:

Dinosaur tracks on the road to Monument Valley

It seemed a reputable tourist destination from the look of the sign. Don’t you think so? Though I am the designated navigator himself picks and chooses when to listen to me. He didn’t turn so I cannot confirm if they were real dinosaur tracks.

The good news is that we made it to Monument Valley despite my misdirection:

monument valley
That’s our black truck. It was very orange by the end of the day.

monument valley

monument valley

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No! I Can’t Stop here!

I15 South AZ
I15 South AZ – quick stop for the camera resulting in happy photographer, unhappy driver

Dummy here left the camera in the trailer when we set off for the Grand Canyon Skywalk so when spectacular scenery exploded into view I started to hyperventilate at each missed photo op. We were towing the trailer so the camera was about 12 feet behind me – not quite within reach. There was nowhere to pull over safely, but when himself could stand the puffing and sighing no longer he shot off the roadway onto a narrow shoulder then onto gravel kicking up stones in every direction.

I15 South AZ
Winding down through the canyon.

“There’s a big truck behind us,” I observed helpfully.

“I know there’s a bl***dy great truck right up my a**,” he rephrased for my benefit.

“Thanks!” I called over my shoulder, door open, one foot out, ready to leap before he saw how difficult it would be to get back on the Interstate. Cars shot as though out of a cannon from the bend behind us.

I15 South AZ
. . . and down . . .

You won’t see the best of it because I missed the most stunning scenery through amnesia forgetfulness so if you are an Interstate avoider, as we usually are, and are out this way, try I15 southbound through the top left corner of Arizona. The Utah scenery along I15 is superb and then just into Arizona – KERPOW! – one is transported into magical canyons.

I15 South AZ
One last disappointing photo.

Where is the Silly Sign for Wednesday I hear you ask?

Well I missed it. It said ROCKS . . . just . . ROCKS!