Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

Put That Back!

Frothy, floaty, silky deliciousness.  Îles flottantes. Floating islands. Mounds of lighter-than-air meringue, drizzled with caramel, floating on a sea of custard. Could you resist?

Floating Islands, France

“Dont’ touch it! I want to take a picture.” Himself’s hands retreated slightly.

“Move your hands. They’re in the frame.” Click. And the hands moved back to the dessert.

“Wait! I want to take one more.”

Spot the difference between the photo above and the one below:

Floating Islands, France

The Ephemeral nature of a yummy dessert is this week’s entry for the photo challenge. Short-lived is one definition of ephemeral. I dispute that. Those French desserts (and dinners and croissants and wine and cheese and baguettes and . . . . ) are still making themselves known around my waistline.

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Better late than never, eh? Life seems to be getting in the way of blogging. What’s up with that?