As pretty as a sunset . . . .

. . . . . sunrise at Long Key in the Florida Keys:

Long Key sunrise, Florida Keys

. . . . . and no I did not pop over there this morning. Photo taken December 2009. I knew, of course, that it would eventually come in handy for the WP photo challenge this week of Early Bird.

It wasn’t difficult to rouse myself for this photo op. I had the beach to myself, a lovely cup of tea and a spectacular show to watch put on by Mother Nature. The only problem was that the heat and humidity kept fogging my camera lens having just stepped out of the air-conditioned RV. Have you experienced that? It was a new one on me.

78 thoughts on “As pretty as a sunset . . . .

    1. You can’t beat the campsite we had on Long Key facing the Atlantic – stunning sunrise on the doorstep and spectacular sunset just down the beach and around the corner. I would if I could!


  1. Oooo La La… Lovely photo. And yes… I just experienced the fogging up at Bryce Canyon… COLD temps outside… and hot temps inside car…. The jumping in and out was messing me all up! Hope all is well with you! 🙂

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            1. Haha! I can go one better. On day #5 of my black and white challenge I posted a picture of myself with my brothers. I was about six. I won’t say how long ago that was but it was well pre 90’s!


                    1. I’m sitting on backside using my phone, too lazy to go upstairs and fire up the laptop. I read your post and tried to comment but I’m not sure what happened to it. The gist of it was if you think the 90’s was waaay back I feel very old.


  2. I grew up in Miami. So yes, I’ve experienced the fogging up of a camera lens (and sunglasses). We’ll be in the Keys in December — hopefully no need for air conditioning and no foggy lenses! Lovely golden sunrise photo.


    1. Thank you Laurel. We were a bit surprised to have two very hot, very muggy weeks in late November/early December. It had been beautiful the year before and I’ll make sure it’s lovely for you this December !


    1. We’re setting off Monday morning for the Norfolk coast for a few days. It’s not too far. Still a bit iffy about towing with the big truck with its steering wheel on the wrong side on these narrow roads. 😕


  3. I’ve head my sunglasses get all fogged up leaving air-conditioning and stepping outside in Florida. Must have something to do with the humidity because it doesn’t happen when I’m in the desert.

    p.s. Gorgeous sunrise.

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  4. Lovely pic! I have also had the humidity issue (not surprisingly, also in Florida!) Best fix I’ve found is to keep the camera in a small cooler (no ice of course) while you’re inside and take the cooler outside to get the camera out. Might give it a try next time you’re there! 🙂

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                    1. You’ve given me an idea. Maybe next year when I’m not maniacally househunting I could do a weekly photo diary of the spring. It’s so pretty here with every shade of green and bulbs and blossom. It’s been steadily progressing over the weeks. It’s our payback for crummy summers! Hope you warm up soon.


    1. Thank you! I just kept wiping the lens until it warmed up equal to the outside temperature. I did get some fuzzy pictures in the meantime.
      We spent some time in the Arizona desert. It was the opposite end of the scale from Florida humidity. No probs with foggy lenses.

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