50 thoughts on “Lightning Strike!

  1. Ah, very sorry to hear you’re feeling so broken. Hang in there with it (not much choice anyway, right?) and soon enough you’ll be back to your normal hefting of the wine glasses with no issue at all. 🙂


      1. Definitely not. Can’t clean house either. Break out the bon bons! Also can’t cook dinner…time to go out! It’s not all bad, see?


  2. Hope you are much better soon. Twice now within a week my ego and psychy has been damaged. First was a woman probably in her 40s, maybe more was talking on her phone downtown and just as i was about to pass you said to the person on the other end, and in the normal volume of a speaking voice “a little old lady just looked at me like I am crazy!’ There was hardly anyone around within my vision, and I turned around to see who else might be behind me…not a soul! When I came out of the building she was off the phone so i went up to her and politely introduced myself, and very nicely said “Very interesting that you see me as ‘a little old lady’!!! Boy did she back track! I thanked her and said at least now I know how others see me, then walked away.

    This morning I got a reply email from a man I met at a corporate event a couple months ago. He might be in his 50s and i am in my 60s. He opened his email to me with “Hi Ms.Ann” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stab me in the heart why don’t you! I can take that from children, but from another adult…NO thanks.


  3. Thanks for sharing this! The branching arm would have been a perfect fit also to the recent challenge “natural force”. Unfortunately, we don´t have this ability of complete recovery. Check my recent post, the surgery was in 2012 and I´m meanwile back at somewhat like 50% original functionality…


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