A Walk in the Woods . . .

. . . without Bill Bryson.

Bluebells Captain's Wood

As part of Sudbourne Manor given to Bishop Æthelwold by Kind Edgar C959-963 who then granted the land to a Benedictine Monastery, this ancient woodland has been owned by bishops, noblemen and moneyed landowners through the centuries until more recently it was acquired by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. It showcases, if I can use use that word in the same paragraph with ‘wildlife trust,’ a breathtaking display of bluebells in the spring.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Would you care to join me Restless Jo for a stroll in the bluebell wood?

A bench with a view,
Of a sea of blue,
There’s water here too,
But no beach for you,

Bluebells, Captain's Wood, Suffolk UK

70 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods . . .

  1. okay – so you get three high fives – first – cool poem – second – awesome designer bench – and then the slideshow was cool as the close ups of the bluebells came into view. very creative mix


  2. Bill Bryson! One of my favourite authors!! … and I’ve read A Walk In The Woods at least three times 🙂

    These pictures are so beautiful! I can just imagine how spectacular it looked in person. WOW!

    Hope your arm isn’t slowing you down too much.


    1. It was absolutely stunning, Joanne. We went a couple of weeks ago.
      I have slowed down considerably since last week. Himself is getting a bit fed up with all his chores but he’s coping well. Fish and chips for dinner tonight!


  3. And no Bill Bryson? I’m scandalised 🙂 🙂 Thanks so much for joining me. The bluebells are glorious. I featured some in a ‘non walk’ post recently and they really have a magical quality. 🙂
    Sorry I’m a bit late here. Family crisis.


  4. In the Midwest… I had one bluebell bloom every spring. ONE! Only ONE!!
    So to see these incredible captures of so many… takes my breath away.
    Okay, I’m breathing again. Beautiful! Thank You!


  5. Wow. This is stunning! Also quite happy to see you keeping Jude on her toes patrolling all the rebels’ sites! LOL. Can imagine your frustration with the left-handed typing but each day is one day closer to being back to normal….hang in there!


  6. …and without the bears too 😀
    Always a good thing! Love the view from the bench but where is the beach? I know there are beaches in Essex so what are you waiting for? What’s that? Got a poorly wrist? Tsk. Excuses…


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