Right Arm Blues

It’s often said
Without a shred
Of sincerity
Or care,

We don’t appreciate
Til it’s too late
Our youth or job
Or hair.

So in my case
I must make haste
To write and post
And “chat.”

For soon in May
I have to say
It will happen
That . . .

I’m going to lose
The right to use
My right arm

To write a post
I could boast
Would be an

I will read lots
And “like” your plots
While I am in

What’s that you ask?
A plaster cast!
Plaster! To help heal

My right wrist
Has come adrift
And needs a
Little op.

‘Cause if I don’t
My right wrist won’t
Last long. It will
Just pop!

I’ve writ my last
Before my cast.
I’ll read and rest
In fetters.

And then when I’m
Fit and sublime
I’ll tell you
“I’m all better!”

Plaster cast on forearm/wrist/hand. Picture ta...
Oh nooo! I said my right arm! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

66 thoughts on “Right Arm Blues

  1. Good health and a fast recovery to you. Now you have me wondering why a person can’t type with one hand. I’m trying right now and failing a lot. I imagine it would be possible with enough practice,but by then you’ll be all good.


    1. I comment and respond to comments a lot on my phone. I can’t hold it and type with one hand, especially my left. I just tried it and gave up. After Thursday my comments will be short and sweet! But I can still read. 😉


  2. Excellent poem – I am in awe! And good luck getting through your time in plaster – earlier this year I spent a few weeks on crutches, and it really opened my eyes as to how inconvenient life can be when limbs aren’t all in working order!


  3. Oh, no! This is terrible news. Best wishes for a speedy recovery (not only for you, but for us on here who will be missing your humour like crazy!) Also, very much impressed by your poetic bent! I had no idea how many branches were on your talent tree!

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        1. I spent 4 months of summer with a cast on my leg when I was 14. That was no fun. My first day of high school I was on crutches. That really was no fun. I might cope a little better now.


  4. Hell no
    don’t go,
    Use your nose,
    or even your toes.

    For we will miss
    this pleasant dish,
    That always chirps
    upon our works.

    Heal quick dear friend
    to return to pen,
    For you do cause a smile
    to appear upon my dial

    Let the wrist heal
    So you can deal
    with penning again
    without any pain.

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  5. A brilliant little poem!! Your right arm in a cast will definitely slow you down a lot. Hope the ‘little op’ goes well and your right wing is back in excellent form posthaste.


  6. I should write a poem about my right hip. As soon as my doc gets back from Nepal (he left six days before I was to have a replacement), I too will be going under the knife. Best wishes for a speedy recovery dear cousin!


      1. I was pretty good til the cortisone wore off a couple days after he left. But golly, if there was an earthquake here, I’d want doctors to come to our aid, so it’s ok. Just another 11 days to wait.


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