Men! Don’t read this!

I haven’t for some time posted a silly sign the likes of which can be seen if you click here.

I wrote a poem about the silliest of silly signs which you can see here:

But on a recent visit to Boscastle in Cornwall with its witchcraft associations we stumbled on this:

Grow your own dope. Plant a man.

Don’t go all macho-hurt-pride on me gents. I told you not to read this.  Anyway, it was himself who pointed it out to me. I’d have walked right past it. I’m only the photographer.

44 thoughts on “Men! Don’t read this!

      1. I didn’t say that it was ‘my’ joke but that I heard it. I think it is our love of our ancestors, like our neighbours across the ditch in NZ, that sometimes brings out this kind of taunt. My paternal grandparents migrated in 1921, with my father a lad born in Croydon, Surrey. So, you see, I grew up bi-lingual 🙂

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  1. Your crafty headline will get everyone reading – well done. But here’s the real question. If you had said women don’t read this – would you get just as many?


    1. No, probably more Lyle! You know what us women are like!
      BTW I need to get on my slow old laptop so I can comment on your spectacular landscape post. Can’t do that on my phone. See you soon on your blog!


  2. I had only scrolled down so that I could see “Grow Your Own Dope.” Imagine my surprise as I read the rest. This is way too perfect!!! I had a great laugh. I showed John the same way I saw it…he only chuckled. Guess the truth hurts…haha!!!


    1. Pleased you at least, Pam, got a laugh out of it! Even though himself pointed the sign out to me, he only hmmmphed when I told him I posted it.
      Happy New Year to you both. Keep laughing!


  3. What do you think the title would do? Make me turn away?… My wife says I’m the best dope in the world… I’m surprised you didn’t notice it… but here’s a saying for you… “if you want to have more free time and have fun on the weekends, teach your man to fish!”
    But, the only reason I’d ever get a sex change operation is to see what it’s like to be right all the time.

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    1. I expected YOU of all people to be sure and read it! At least Linda doesn’t think you are an ordinary dope but the very best one! I’m calling that a compliment. Take them where you can. Hahaha!


    1. I didn’t actually notice the sign at first. It was on a windowsill tucked in the corner facing out. From the inside it would have been behind the curtain. Do you think her husband knew she’d put it there?


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