Photo Challenge: New

On a recent trip to Cornwall we returned to a village that had been devastated by floods 10 years ago on the 14th of August 2004. 20,000,000 cubic metres of water ripped through the steep-sided valley and the village of Boscastle that day. Miraculously no one was killed but structural damage was extensive. Sadly the twee but sturdily built sixteenth century stone cottage housing the Harbour Lights shop was completely washed away.

The shop, rebuilt in April 2006 and now a tea room, is comparatively “new:”

The Harbour Light, Boscastle, Cornwall, UK

This slate plaque, seen above on the left of the new building, gives thanks to those responsible for the rebuilding:

The Harbour Light, Boscastle, Cornwall, UK

As you can see from the photo of the original building here . . . . .

even the ancient wonky roof-line was copied in the new building!


32 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: New

      1. Haha yes the shivering from the plunge was over quickly enough. The new shivering is from a nasty cold front and snow front. We are keeping warm by shoveling snow like mad. 🙂


      1. I’m still thinking about it. A new coffee machine isn’t that interesting a subject and it’s the only present we bought ourselves this year (not counting the chocolates which have long gone 😉 )


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