New Year’s Day and the Dumb Lights

Nature making a much better job of pretty lights than yours truly. Portuguese Man-of- War at sunset at Henderson Beach FL
Nature making a much better job of pretty lights than yours truly. Portuguese Man-of-
War at sunset at Henderson Beach FL

The embarrassing wreath I described in this post had been consigned to a dumpster, but I hadn’t given up on the puddling and exasperating lights.

We had made a carelessly arranged Santa’s grotto by plugging in a string of lights and hanging them ’round the bed – the bed that is in our sitting room/dining room which is in the kitchen. The soft glow of the little lights had a kind of artless charm.

But our cozy grotto had to be dismantled each time we moved campsite, which was frequently, as we had neglected to make reservations at this we-now-know busy time of year.

Who wants to go camping for Christmas? Quite a few people as it happens. Those who want to get away for Christmas and those who want to get away from Christmas. And us, because we’d nowhere else to go.

New Year’s Eve was spent at a campsite where you would not choose to go intentionally and the lights did not put in an appearance.

Sunset on the  boardwalk. Nature comes up trumps again.
Sunset on the boardwalk. Nature comes up trumps again.

On New Year’s Day we arrived at Henderson Beach State Park on the Gulf coast near Destin. It was a sunny but sheltered site where we could pull out the awning. When I say we, I mean I busied myself with the awning and Plan C for the lights while Jimmy fiddled around with inconsequential things like unhitching the trailer from the car and plugging us in to the mains and water.

With the awning extended and pulled down where I could reach it, I wrapped the lights around one strut, strung them across the top of the awning and then down and around the other strut. I hadn’t anticipated needing to open and close the door, so had to take down and rearrange all 46 feet of lights so I could raise the awning a little.

That accomplished I waited for darkness. Very pretty.

The next day thunderstorms were predicted and as we were going out for the day we had to furl up the awning. So the lights came down. But never mind. I strung them through the bushes next to us. Very pretty.

The next day the park ranger came to our site to tell us that we couldn’t hang the lights from the vegetation. But never mind. I took them down and strung them along the washing line next to the trailer. Very pretty.

The next day we had to move the trailer to another site within the campground. Of course the lights had to come down. At the new site . . . well the washing line post was a long way from the trailer, but I hung them up anyway, looping them right across our campsite so they were dragging on the ground.

They looked stupid.

But never mind, it was Twelfth Night, so I took them down.

Admiring the sunset instead of fretting over Christmas lights.
Admiring the sunset instead of fretting over Christmas lights. Notice the nasty stinging little Portuguese Man-of-War still twinkling appealingly on the wet sand.

Happy New Year to all my friends, relictives (haha) and bloggy pals.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful new year.

37 thoughts on “New Year’s Day and the Dumb Lights

  1. I am still trying to figure out when you were at Henderson Beach, as we are heading there soon. Love your sense of humor. My 2014 bring you much laughter, safe travels, grand adventures and a few misadventures, so you have some material to blog about! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your comments. We were at Henderson Beach in ’09 and ’10. The State Beach is a wonderful campsite and the beach is to die for! Himself doesn’t care for us having misadventures just for me to have something to write about but I’m sure a few more are in the pipeline! Safe travels and have a grand 2014! 😆


  2. You are one determined lady. *LIKE*. Remember that old song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna make it shine”? It’s you all over 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that the New Year will bring you new adventures, with or without snakes and alligators 🙂


    1. Thanks buttercup! I’m now in my happy place. We are shortly leaving alligator alley and returning to scorpions and tarantulas! You must be envious. I have pictures in my head of your wonderful French Christmas celebrations and meals. I hope it all went well including the seafood massacre.
      Bonne Année à vous! Is that right? It doesn’t look right.


      1. Aw, “buttercup”. I like that. Delicate and feminine, just like me (not). But buttercups are bright, colourful and in ya face.. oh, yeah. Call me Buttercup. 😀
        “Bonne année” is 100% correct. I won’t tell PF that you’re going to see scorpions and tarantulas, or he’ll want to go too…
        THe seafood massacre went very well (very stupid of me because now P.F will ask me for it again next year, and I won’t remember the recipe).


  3. Really enjoy your posts, happy travelling in 2014, here’s a toast to safe journeys and happy blogging! On the question of Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish, we had an influx of them at Ramsgate, Kent, south of England when I was a kid. My mum was swimming happily away while my dad sat on the beach, when suddenly he called out “Jellyfish!” and I think mum walked on water to get out. Then she saw dad laughing and he’d been pulling her leg. God, she was angry, I thought she was going to rip his head off, first time I’d seen my mum really lose her temper. Then she turned on me because, well, I thought it was hilarious too!


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