27 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Alligators!

  1. Is that thing alive… are you frigging crazy..? Such a pretty face in the ugly mouth of an alligator… If I was your husband I would have kicked you backside… what if his hand had of slipped, we would have lost you… and that would be a disastrous start to 2014… and 2014 without Carol, I don’t even want to think of it…


    1. You are so sweet! I guess it does look kinda real but the carpet and table are a giveaway! I don’t even know if you are serious but I appreciate the concern! That’s my bro in the picture and himself took the picture. We had to wait patiently while a four-year-old took an iPhone photo of his parents sitting on the ‘gator. It didn’t move a muscle the whole time!


      1. Of course I’m serious… we had near neighbours that have highly venomous snakes sailing around their house, so what is a carpet and table when you have a boomslang or black mamba slithering around that at any time could bite you and probably kill you… so a croc (alligator) in the house would not surprise me at all… and yes I might pull your leg now and then but I would miss you… I love my friends that can go through life with a smile and humour.. and you are one of them… so don’t do anything “stoopid” (good SA slang) that might hurt such a pretty face…


  2. Love these pics of you Carol! My resolution is to be positive and grateful for life itself, and happy too! After all, it IS the year of the horse, this really should be MY year!! Happy New Year to you and Jimmy!


  3. I love airboat rides! We did just one when we lived in Florida, sadly. I did learn though, while living there, that if you quietly float by an alligator (not TOO closely of course) in a kayak, being sure not to disturb them, they won’t notice you. πŸ™‚


  4. This reminds me of a swamp tour I did while visiting New Orleans approximately 14 years ago. Cap’n Gator was the tour guide. He actually had a business card that listed his name as Cap’n Gator. I can still hear his N’awlins drawl and see his face. πŸ™‚


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