Oh Hush! They Wouldn’t Want to Live There!

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In Kalispell, Montana, near Glacier National Park, we met a couple escaping the summer heat of Texas so we used our usual conversational gambit on them.

Me, “We’re traveling around the country looking for the perfect place to live.”

Him, “You should move to Comanche, Texas. It’s cheap. It’s quiet.”

Her, “Now why would they want to live in Comanche?” This is the lady who lives there with the cheapskate.

Him, “A lot of retirees are moving there. There’s no income tax.”

Himself (a.k.a. Jimmy), “I like the first thing you said. It’s cheap.”

Him, “Yeah and property’s cheap, too. It’s quiet.” Yes, you said that already. “You’d love it there.” I’m not so sure. Vast tracts of Texas are quiet. That’s not necessarily a recommendation. Just lonely.

Her, “Oh hush. They wouldn’t want to live in Comanche.”

Now the obvious question at this point was why wouldn’t we want to live in Comanche? But they were in a hurry to get going. They were hitched up and ready to launch into Canada, so we’ll never know why they were divided on their opinion. Was it because she had admitted to being originally from Louisiana and we Americans never lose our devotion to our home state?

What is your home state or country?

Is it your favorite place?

26 thoughts on “Oh Hush! They Wouldn’t Want to Live There!

  1. I live in coastal Georgia and yes it is my favorite place! When traveling in our RV on extended trips we have had people ask us why we don’t sell our house and become full timers. Our answer is “You don’t know where we live!”


  2. I lived in the San Francisco Bay area for over forty years and I LOVED it. There is one BIGGGG drawback. It is very expensive to live there. It has everything…you want culture,history, big city life, outdoors, oceans, lakes and even snow. All within reach.

    Now I am in Florida and though the temperature took a bit to get used to, if you are near the coast it isn’t always oppressive. My favorite city in Florida…St Augustine…oldest city in the US…coastal and many of the tourists are European.


    1. We love San Francisco too, but know that real estate is out of our reach. So pleased to hear your comments about Florida. It seems to be a very divisive topic, but we’ve always enjoyed it very much. We’re used to the heat but the humidity might take some getting used to!


      1. Stay coastal and the humidity is much less due to coastal breezes. During the rainy season, it’s hard to avoid the humidity completely.


  3. I’m one of the lucky folks who is perfectly content with my location and climate. Summer could be a bit shorter to suit me, but that’s such a small price to pay for no snow and beautiful beaches.


    1. Ah. I checked your about page. The SW Oregon coast is very beautiful. We’ve often remarked on its similarity to the Cornish coast in England, another favorite place. You are lucky indeed.


  4. Sounds ominous… I read something horrible about Comanche Indians back in 1840- it was not a good idea to get the wrong side of them at the time. As for my favourite home State or country, uh, I can’t choose. Home is two places: my fabulous home region of Cornwall, SW England, and my home away from home is the Alsace, in Eastern France. Confused.com.


  5. As someone who always has one story or another going on inside my head– I’m imagining what the two of them said to each other once they drove away! What an intriguing encounter! What IS IT about Comanche??? 🙂


    1. I have no idea and I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not chasing after her for an answer, but I know what it’s like when you are hitched up and HE-who-must-be-obeyed is ready to go. Don’t get the idea that I always capitulate but there are some processes that you don’t mess with. Maybe she has a blog and read this and recognize herself and write to me!


  6. It is a very hard decision. I thought I wouldn’t like living in California after leaving my home state of Maryland, but the people that I’ve met through the photography club and singing in the choirs of a couple churches are so nice. I like small towns like where I am; there are advantages to sitting still in one place for a while-then you get the real flavor of the place.


    1. I couldn’t agree more! We love California and your situation sounds lovely. We live in a small town here in AZ and really enjoy it but it is too far from family. I really hate the long haul flights. And you’re just starting on your adventure. We’re kind of adventured out for now.


  7. I loved the photos from Glacier Park, they brought back old memories.

    I’m from Michigan, still live here, even though I’ve been looking for the ideal place to live for years. I have decided that there is no ideal place, as there are negative things about every section of this country, despite being so large and varied as it is. So, I have decided to make the best of Michigan as home, and will visit other parts of the country during the best weather for each local. South in the winter, east or west in the summer.


    1. That’s sounds like a good solution for you. Part of our problem is that we have enjoyed perfect summer weather for five years now and can’t face the thought of rain, gray, cold, humidity, bugs, snow, miserable faces, etc. Or maybe we’re just hopelessly indecisive. My home state is Maryland and that is not even part of the equation!


  8. Southern Ontario, Canada is where we call home and where we return to after spending the winter in Mission, Texas. Although we love it here because it is familiar and it’s where family is we always feel like we are going “home” when we head towards Texas.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


      1. It is perfect. We are planning on purchasing a park model trailer “cheap” in Texas this winter and one also cheap here in Canada next summer. Getting tired of lugging the fifth wheel back and forth. We are also thinking of buying a truck camper for the trip. We like to take our time, visit a few state parks along the way and take different routes to see new scenery. We also have a dog and it beats looking for hotels that accepts pets.
        I looked up Comanche, Texas and I think it might be a little too north. They get cold and snow in the winter. Farther south like San Antonio area might suit you better, although I don’t know about “cheap”.
        Ruth from At Home on the Road


        1. Thanks for your input Ruth. We’ve just been arguing about our Big Topic this morning. Our situation is complicated by having family in 3 countries. I finally caved to his demands so he caved to mine! We both felt guilty about the other one’s needs/wants. So no further forward. Still, it’s sunny and lovely here in AZ while we work it out.


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