Daily Archives: October 21, 2013

Oh Hush! They Wouldn’t Want to Live There!

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In Kalispell, Montana, near Glacier National Park, we met a couple escaping the summer heat of Texas so we used our usual conversational gambit on them.

Me, “We’re traveling around the country looking for the perfect place to live.”

Him, “You should move to Comanche, Texas. It’s cheap. It’s quiet.”

Her, “Now why would they want to live in Comanche?” This is the lady who lives there with the cheapskate.

Him, “A lot of retirees are moving there. There’s no income tax.”

Himself (a.k.a. Jimmy), “I like the first thing you said. It’s cheap.”

Him, “Yeah and property’s cheap, too. It’s quiet.” Yes, you said that already. “You’d love it there.” I’m not so sure. Vast tracts of Texas are quiet. That’s not necessarily a recommendation. Just lonely.

Her, “Oh hush. They wouldn’t want to live in Comanche.”

Now the obvious question at this point was why wouldn’t we want to live in Comanche? But they were in a hurry to get going. They were hitched up and ready to launch into Canada, so we’ll never know why they were divided on their opinion. Was it because she had admitted to being originally from Louisiana and we Americans never lose our devotion to our home state?

What is your home state or country?

Is it your favorite place?