Photo Challenge: Relic

This disappointingly dark photo of the Mezquita in Cordoba in Spain was taken during our second visit to this ancient mosque. Our first visit was when it originally opened in 987 AD.

Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain
Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain

No, that would make us relics as well. We’re not quite that old!

A visit earlier in the day might have produced a brighter photograph.

English: Mezquita of Cordoba Español: Mezquita...
English: Mezquita of Cordoba Español: Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mezquita de Córdoba, España.
Mezquita de Córdoba, España. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


40 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Relic

  1. The Islamic architecture is the same whether in Turkey or Syria or Spain, according to how they build mosques and how mosques look from inside…
    pretty pic 🙂


  2. Using Picasa (a free down load which is all I use) I can’t afford the other photoshop etc, they are just too damn expensive… I took your photo added a little light and adjusted colour temperature and out came a good photo… a little bit of noise when you zoom in but otherwise perfect…. using PhotoScape, another free down load, I can adjust even more using light curves … you don’t need all the expensive software to get a decent photo…


  3. How beautiful! Sometimes I think I don’t want to bother with international travel anymore, but then something like this comes along and I really, really want to see it in person!


    1. It is an astonishing piece of architecture in a beautiful city. We went to Cordoba the second time for the Festival of the Patios – private courtyards gloriously decked out in flowers – and the Mezquita was the icing on the cake! Thinking of buying that air ticket, Laurel?


  4. I can’t tell you how many pix I’ve “saved” via Photoshop……are you equipped for this? I’d be more than happy to try and work this one up for you…though the shadows here do add a certain something…….perhaps not what you were after, but not a total loss as it is anyway!


  5. Sylvia’s right, try enhancing a ‘bad’ photo using software, or even an ‘art’ effect. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve 😉


    1. I played a bit with the editing software on the ‘puter then hit publish. I really need to get my head into Photoshop. I love the art effects you use. So many other things to do right now. Shame I need to sleep.


    1. I played with contrast and colour and it looks much better than it did. The top half of the picture is much brighter. But when you look at the second pic from Wikipedia the sun appears to be shining through the roof onto the floor. That photo was taken with a better camera as well! So my options are, Sylvia, go back (yes!) with a better camera or get a MacBook! 🙂


  6. I was just looking at some my pictures of Amber Fort in India — very similar architecture, except this has that signature red and white embellishment. Love this!


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