Photo Challenge: Containers

This week’s photo challenge immediately struck a chord with me . . .

So tell me again . . . when you were baling today, what happened???! He ended up where???

Man in hay bale
An unusual container!

You thew away what??? WHO???

Man in trash
You put him where? Why?
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30 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. I meant to comment about this when you posted, but time got away from me. Your chauffeur certainly needs to be commended for stopping for all these wonderful photos. From experience of pointing through the car window at 60 mph at some wonderful pic, please stop, it must be great to have someone who will! Thanks ‘Jimmy’.


  2. Funny, in a slightly disturbing way! Glad to hear you’re getting settled in. I’m looking forward to hearing about your new life…sounds as though you have some grand adventures coming up!


    1. Having a “day off” from running around and stressing. Fish and chips at the best fish chip in the world tonight! Thanks for asking, Sue.
      Italy next month. You go in September don’t you?


          1. We will be on the move for three weeks, Rome, Pompeii, Portofino, then cycling for 9 days in Tuscany, Camogli and Nice. I will need a vacation following. πŸ™‚


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