Travel Theme: Close Up

For a bit of light relief from my airport security issues (for you and for me) I have joined in a Travel Theme: Close Up with Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack by way of Hey Jude of Travel Words. All are welcome to join in. Visit Ailsa’s site to see how it’s done.

My close ups hail from Florida, California and Arizona.

I’m always drawn to pelicans. Hold that pose Mr P.

Pelican, Cedar Key, Florida

Flowers draw my eye and my shutter finger. This orchid in Florida is one of hundreds of flower photos or as himself would say, “More bloody flowers!”

Orchid, Sarasota, Florida

The Portuguese Man O’War is a jewel on the beach but don’t touch!

Portuguese Man O'War, Destin, Florida

Smile please! You’re on “Carol’s Camera!”

Alligator, Florida

Who can identify this? it was on a recent post.

Chihuly glass, Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for stopping by.

We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program tomorrow.



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43 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Close Up

  1. I agree with you about the pelican, what a lovely close-up of his feathers. And the last image is of my favourite glass sculptor – Chihuly – I think it was you who made me awfully jealous with your post about his sculptures in the garden in Arizona? I’d love to own a piece of his work, but it would have to be a very, very small piece 🙂
    Jude xx (and thanks for the link)


  2. Love your images Carol, and I think your readers have the answer to the mystery photo…Chihuly, my all-time favorite glass artist, and one of my favorite places to visit, Desert Botanical Gardens! 🙂


    1. Well done BD!!! Woot! Woot! You win the grand prize! I’ll let you know when I decide what it will be. In the meantime you can just bask in glory. Sorry BD. Talking nonsense. Bit early in the morning for me.


    1. Correct about the glass sculpture – Dale Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden. And the alligator – hasn’t he got a lovely smile or do you think he is gauging his jaw size for my head?


  3. The man’o’war is FABULOUS! And my first thought about the last photo is…Chihuly? But maybe that’s because we’re thinking of heading to Phoenix mid-May for the last weekend of the Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden.


  4. Wonderful photos!!!
    Ans: Dale Chihuly glass in…Arizona? I know I saw images of an installation in a desert setting somewhere recently. Maybe it was a post by you. One of my girlfriends saw it while on business wherever it is, and she sent me pictures, too. I saw an exhibit of his at the MFA in Boston. Total eye candy. Mind blowing! (Oh, a pun!)


      1. Thanks for the sharing the link – I just looked again at all your fantastic photos. It was your photos I remember seeing. In fact, I considered taking a quick trip out to AZ to see the installation but family stuff has interfered.
        Photographers take note…there are special tours for photographers at this exhibit. That’s what I had hoped to do. Not sure if they are still offering the reserved time for photographers. There weren’t many dates. Still, here’s the link to the site that gives reservation info for all:
        Thanks Carol!!!


        1. You are welcome and thanks for the link. The exhibition was pretty crowded when we went and everyone else there kept photo-bombing my shots. How inconsiderate! 🙂


  5. Man-o-war’s and I do not get along well. Your photo is so life like I feel like I should move away from my PC. – Just fantastic photo’s.


  6. Great closeups. My memory is shot. Don’t remember/can’t identify that last one. Amazing shot of the Pelican with the beady eyes and fuzzy head.


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