26 thoughts on “Poems for Boys (and Girls) Don’t Mess With Texas Wind

      1. The only thing to know upfront is that the drive down into the canyon is very steep for about a mile, 10% grade. Also, the park locks the gate after hours, so you have to arrive during office hours. We go at least once a year and also visit Caprock Canyons state park, which is further out in the middle of nowhere. Both are worth the drive, though.


  1. We lived in Dallas (twice), and have experienced the Texas winds. In winter, when the “blue northers” blew in, the saying was that “There’s nothing between Texas and Canada but two barbed-wire fences, and one of them is down.” The Texas wind can be brutal for sure. And BTW, that is one healthy tumbleweed specimen. ~James


  2. We still have to visit Texas for we only cruised there on I10 heading east. Our 2014 winter will be in the second biggest state in the USA but not looking forward to the high winds. We hope we can pass by the Cadillac ranch, those are cook exchibits


  3. The day we visited Cadillac Ranch the wind was blowing so hard we could barely stand upright. What a shame about all those paint cans scattered about and the vandalism of such a unique landmark.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


    1. Mine too, Nancy! It was my second date with my now husband…and we’re still on it. Ha! Our first date was a week long and we’re just over six years on our second. As you can see in our picture, no littering at all…everyone was very respectful!


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