Aliens, Brothels and Fireworks

Lonely Nevada road

Heading north from Las Vegas to Tonopah NV and Winnemucca NV is a lonely, barren stretch of road until:

Roadside entertainment in NevadaAliens appear to have landed and set up some brothels.

Roadside entertainment in Nevada

They brought some outer space trinkets to sell:

Roadside entertainment in Nevada

And one giant firecracker:

Roadside entertainment in Nevada

Area 51 is an extension of Edwards Air Force Base and the subject of much secrecy including conspiracy theories and UFOs. I’m sure you didn’t believe me when I said I’d seen a UFO as a child. I’d no proof. It was only lodged in my little girl memory.

NOW I have photographic proof of a more recent sighting!! Ooooo! What’s that?

Drone over Nevada

Do you know what this is?

Drone over Nevada

32 thoughts on “Aliens, Brothels and Fireworks

  1. A drone ?? and to capture it on camera… how lucky are you?? But I must ask… did you stop in for a bite to eat and something to drink at the nude girls inn??
    Also, did you know they were spying on you and how important you must be to have them do it with a drone??


  2. I photographed that same firecracker but never saw any drones… photos. That part of NV sure doesn’t have much else to offer. So perfect home for aliens and brothels 🙂


    1. It is. I’m not sure it had a destination that day. It seemed to be going round and round and up and down. I think they were practicing how not to crash it! Or had the aliens abducted it?


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