Ghost Squirrels

I’ve been a bit delinquent, or busy if I’m being kind to myself, and my usual story post isn’t quite ready for today so please enjoy this little slideshow – something I prepared earlier.

The elusive white squirrel of Ochlockonee River State Park:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

42 thoughts on “Ghost Squirrels

    1. They hide in the rocks. We’ve seen them scrambling all over the place whenever we’ve been on that piece of coast. When we were at San Elijo SP near San Diego, a squirrel went in our neighbor’s camper and stole an apple out of their fruit bowl! I guess they’ve updated their survival tactics.


  1. That squirrel is just too cute. The desert is calling thus we’ll start our journey come Sunday and return to your neck of the woods. The cold and rain are telling us to move along 😉


              1. I’d love to! 🙂

                unfortunately, it would be one heck of an expensive photo! 🙂

                I would have to either drive (over 1500 km) to Prince Rupert or fly there first. 🙂

                Kermodes don’t tend to be denizens of Metro Vancouver (and we don’t have a real zoo here, either).


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