An Employee’s Sense of Humor

Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor, Lacey WA

Wait a minute. What did that say?

Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor, Lacey WA

That’s what I thought!

Dave had a sense of humor too as he left the sign for a couple of weeks to give passing motorists a chuckle before changing it to advertise his next pizza special.

He had to have a sense of humor to call his restaurant Dirty Dave’s. Would you eat there?

12 thoughts on “An Employee’s Sense of Humor

    1. It would have to be totally clean with a name like that. Wouldn’t it?
      FYI Have you heard of Dirty Dicks pub in London? Apparently the cobwebs and dead cats have been tidied into a glass case now!!!


    1. Well of course I do. I don’t want to be alienated from my fellow Americans! I really fall into the realms of no-man’s-land with my blue passport and funny accent. A foot in both camps – or permanently confused! 🙂


    1. The more I read about commercial hygiene, the more I want to eat at home. Which of course is not a comment on Dirty Dave’s. I would expect his place to be scrupulously clean with a name like that!


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