Is This Your Idea of Fun?

"Fun" in the snow - Christmas 2005. Enough already!
“Fun” in the snow – Christmas 2005. Enough already!

Carrying on with my rant in this post, daytime temperatures in our box are as difficult to control as nighttime temps. Heat explodes through four floor vents spaced within 12 feet. As the temperature rises we begin gasping for breath and grow pale and nauseous with heat exhaustion.

When the furnace finally cuts out, the atmospheric pressure in our ‘cabin’ drops, making my ears pop. The silence is welcome but sudden, like unplugging your teenager’s stereo. One of us will be caught in the middle of shouting a sentence as the roar abates and my tinnitus becomes apparent again in the quiet. The heat wave recedes and recedes and recedes and goose bumps make a reappearance. Then the fight ensues over the furnace remote.

The location of the thermostat remains a mystery to us so we don’t know if it is affected by the stove or where we sit pumping out bad vibes or our own hot air as we complain.

Depending on our latitude and altitude and simply the vagaries of the weather we can be alternating from day to day with heating and air conditioning and back to heating. The trailer acts like a greenhouse, warming quickly in the sun and cooling down just as quickly as a cloud comes over.

Curiously this cooling phenomenon doesn’t happen at sunset; the trailer holds an uncomfortable level of heat until 5 am when the temperature plummets and it is then impossible to get warm and get back to sleep. I’d get up and get on with the day but what can you do when your other half is snoozing happily in the same ‘room’?

The air conditioning vents are in the ceiling, less than a foot from my head sending arctic blasts down the back of my neck and ruffling my hair. Jimmy is okay. He tends to find something to do and sits in a pocket of still air between gale winds. I twist the vents away causing the flame to blow out on the stove, then twist the vents again away from the stove. As I move up and down our tiny kitchen area I get gusts from three different directions.

All I want is for the temperature to be just right and stay just right. Is that too much to ask?

I suppose the subjects of terrorism, government, airline policies and finances (mentioned here in case you are thinking, where did that come from?) can be lumped together for the purposes of this rant. Terrorist threats have prompted the government to put stricter security policies in place which will cost the airlines more to implement, justifying yet more fees on our already escalating airfares back to the UK.

We now pay to eat, to imbibe, to take a suitcase, to book a seat. Soon they will charge you to sneeze. Used to an endless supply of free wine, we tell ourselves that orange juice is so much healthier.

More importantly (than a glass of wine? Heck!) we are questioning whether we can afford to fly to the UK every spring and autumn, as we have been doing, to see our grown up children and little grandchildren. Airfares have gone up, health insurance premiums have gone up, the pound against the dollar is down, interest rates are down. I’m not sure we can live here at all if we can’t afford to see our family regularly.

Bonjour France?

Hola Espana?

Buongiorno Italy?

G’day Sydney? A third grandchild has been born in Australia.

Himself won’t live in England. Don’t get me started on that.

The view from our RV. It may look familiar to many of you!
The view from our RV Christmas ’05. It may have a familiar look to many of you!

49 thoughts on “Is This Your Idea of Fun?

  1. It sounds to me like you are starting to suffer from cabin fever. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately and your living conditions are sure to make it that much worse. My sincerest condolences. If you and your half are like me and my half, there is more bickering going on than usual. Makes one want to throw their hands up in the air and run away for a while … or maybe that’s just me.
    Sorry about your kids and grandchildren being so far away. That’s really hard. I don’t like my boys being an hour away.
    Hope you’re finding a happy place this weekend – and when wine doesn’t cut it anymore, martinis will 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your condolences, Joanne. Yes. bickering does increase in confined spaces. And it isn’t the least bit satisfying to stomp into our teeny tiny bathroom, slam the door and fall over into the sink.
      We haven’t tried martinis yet but I bought a blender a while ago to make healthful smoothies. After a couple of disgusting green drinks we began working on our margarita recipes. That’s going well! 😆


      1. I like the way you think – transitioning from green smoothies to margaritas!! oh yes 🙂
        I haven’t had a margarita since I had a margarita tasting party 2 years ago with 5 different variations of drink including a dessert chocolate margarita. The next day wasn’t pretty….


  2. Wow now this does not sound good… and here I was thinking that you were enjoying yourselves… when the kids bomb shell it becomes difficult to decide where to go to next… fortunately all of mine returned to the RSA which makes it easier even though they live vast distances from each other and us… good luck in deciding what to do… But I would try the wine and chocolate medicine… I believe it helps…


  3. We spent a few days at the Grand Canyon for New Year but learned from your earlier post about your experiences of ice and snow there. We abandoned the 5th wheel in the warmer south and booked a hotel! I understand about the frustrations of the furnace – ours heats the kids’ bedroom to close to 100 degrees, while we are still blue and shivering at the front of the trailer. Is it really so hard to get a consistent heat??!


  4. Although we are not there yet, we have no clue where we will land once our RVing days are over. We keep hoping we will stop somewhere and say this is it. I suppose I am just dreaming on that one! Good luck on finding a place to settle. 🙂


  5. More seriously than my earlier post, it sounds as if the constant travelling is getting to you. I know I last a certain number of days on holiday then get fed up. As for air fares, we moved to North Cyprus to escape the tyranny of distance which living in Australia entails. We are closer to family and friends in the UK but far enough away to ensure our independence and also enjoy hot weather! But, like you, we simply can’t afford to return to the UK for a holiday, we went last year and now it’s up to our kids to come here if they want to see us.


    1. That sounds like a good plan. And I am tired of traveling. I expect most people would say to that “Oh boohoo. Shut up!” when they are trapped in cold weather and jobs. Thanks for understanding!


  6. Hmmm how about Mars, maybe the Martians will be kinder to you. Im just glad that we are still way far from making tough decisions of where to put a stake on Betsy and stay put. So I will just keep an eye on you and see where the wind takes you.


  7. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress of trying to decide on where to live, especially when your family is so spread out. 😦 Hang in there. Hopefully clarity will come soon.


              1. The detox will have done it’s job. Then it’ll be up to me to not put myself in a spot where I need another. Everything in moderation is my motto. I forgot that over the holidays.


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