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Reptile Love

My followers are discriminating.

One could almost say they were hating,

All ‘gators and snakes.

Slimy things from a lake,

Score low on their animal rating.

*          *          *          *

To die at the hand of a bear,

Or anything else with hair,

Is a preferable fate,

So strong is their hate.

They’d happily hide in his lair.

Alligator Exhibit, South Florida ↓     ↓    ↓    ↓

I introduce Harvey my friend.

He’s cuddly and docile to tend.

I liked him on sight.

He wouldn’t dare bite.

Do you think that I am ‘round the bend?

Blogging Date Virgin

A lunch date at eleven thir – tee,

With Ingrid of LiveLaughRV,

Had us both in stitches,

With laughter like riches,

A friendship was destined to be.

internet "date" with a fellow blogger

I’d never done this before.

It certainly wasn’t a bore.

Ingrid’s met lots of folks,

So I said, “okey doke!

Let’s meet up and tell tales some more.”

internet "date" with a fellow blogger

We’d never laid eyes on each other.

Our blogs were anonymous cover.

The gravatar pics,

Were enough for a fix,

On each other to clock one another.

internet "date" with a fellow blogger

We giggled like girls of thirteen,

Taking selfies after a preen.

Our lunches got cold.

The waitress did scold.

That’s a lie. She’s a sweet, young thing.


I hope we can meet up once more,

Our blog trials to further explore.

We had lots to say,

But there’s more to convey,

Of both of our USA tours.