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Poems for Boys (and Girls) Three Little Dogs

Dressing up for Dog-o-ween! It’s all the rage, don’t you know.

Three Little Dogs

Doggie number three looked so forlorn I felt I could read his mind so I have composed another poem. Edited version:

Three little dogs,

Dressed up for Halloween,

Two are very happy,

But the other one just feels stupid and wants to go home.

Three Little Dogs

We-B Pumpkins!

Aren't we cute?

Aren’t the little ones cute?

You may be wondering how they built that huge pyramid of pumpkins in the background.

Building the pumpkin pyramid

Building the pumpkin pyramid one by one.

It took several days:

Another pumpkin on its way!

Another pumpkin on its way!

The finished display was amazing, complete with King and Queen!

The Pumpkin King and Queen

The Pumpkin King and Queen:

A handsome couple!
A handsome couple!