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Electrical Geniuses

We had a little blip with the electrical system in the trailer this morning. It turned itself off. Somebody plugged the toaster in when the fan heater and microwave were on. I’ll spare you the boring science lecture about watts and amps and volts and just say that you can’t do that. You’ll blow a fuse, or at least that’s what we thought.

A trip to the local “country” market – which sold and wildly overcharged for everything from dune buggies to beef jerky – ensued for a replacement fuse. When we returned to the trailer several dollars lighter, but with coffees, postcards, huggies with funny sayings for soda that we don’t drink, decorative fishing lures when we don’t fish and fuses, we spent ten minutes looking for the fuse box as it was cunningly hidden behind a camouflaged panel.

I thought I could fashion them into earrings!

We pulled each fuse out of the fuse box squinted at the old fuse, shrugged, put the new one in the empty slot – nothing – pulled the new one out, put the old one back again and went on to the next circuit, seven times. With the same result each time – nothing. This involved a prone position to get to the conveniently located fuse box and a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull the stubborn little devils out. Marital harmony was displayed as we each took a turn – neither trusting the other to do it correctly – without arguing.

Let’s put this in the corner near the floor and make it as awkward as possible for the lucky so-and-so’s swanning around the countryside.

Whilst reclining on the cold floor staring helplessly at the fuse box, the machinations of the circuit breaker, repeat circuit breaker, suddenly became evident. Flip the switch, whir, whir – sorted! Toaster, heater, action! Fuses weren’t needed at all.

There’s only one good thing to say about this latest ordeal. That “somebody” mentioned at the start wasn’t me!