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I’ll Bet You’ve Never Seen This Sign!

When you see this sign of splatter,

You all had better scatter.

The hippo they call Lu,

Flicks his tail to . . . .

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Make everybody scream!

Cautiously viewing from a distance
Cautiously viewing from a distance
I've got my eye on you girly!
I’ve got my eye on you girly!
Standing at the safe end
Standing at the safe end

Lu is in the hippopotamus equivalent of an old people’s home. He will celebrate his 54th birthday this month and hippos generally only live to 30. He was at the park when it was taken over by Florida State Parks and given leave to stay. He even has his own Florida State citizenship!

Visit Lu at


“You probably won’t remember this . . . we stopped in a café in a tiny town and there were some . . ”

“Motorcycles outside. Aladdin. Population 15.”

“How did you know what I was going to say?”

“I just did.”

“How do you remember this stuff?”

“I just do.”

“That’s really spooky. It’s like you’re . . ”

“Inside your head.”

True conversation.

Alladin WY

I didn’t tell himself I’d just been looking at this photograph. It seemed a shame to spoil the illusion.

The next day, “I’ll bet you don’t know what state Aladdin is in.”


“I’ll bet you don’t know where we were going.”

“We were on our way to the Devils Tower and then Mount Rushmore.”

All in the info was in picture files I’d been looking at but why ruin the magic? Click on the pictures to read the captions and see the real magic.

An Employee’s Sense of Humor

Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor, Lacey WA

Wait a minute. What did that say?

Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor, Lacey WA

That’s what I thought!

Dave had a sense of humor too as he left the sign for a couple of weeks to give passing motorists a chuckle before changing it to advertise his next pizza special.

He had to have a sense of humor to call his restaurant Dirty Dave’s. Would you eat there?