It’s What? Nooo.

Another entry for this week’s photo challenge of Intricate  , but what is it?

Tulipmania, Springfield Festival Gardens, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Is it an avant garde artist’s latest creation?


Is it ice crystals on strawberry ice cream?


Did it fall off Lady Gaga’s latest outfit?


So what is it then?

Scroll down and see:

Tulipmania, Springfield Festival Gardens, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Did you guess it was a tulip? You didn’t cheat and look at the tags did you?

46 thoughts on “It’s What? Nooo.

          1. … well, in my case, I’m waiting for my plants to come back to life. I’ve just about given up hope for my hydrangeas, although I’m delighted to see that my peony appears to have survived the winter.


  1. I did guess frilly tulips without cheating, and these are gorgeous! But– I really enjoyed the three creative multiple-choices you offered! 😉


    1. I looked up tulips with a serrated edge and they are called serrated edge tulips! Or fringed tulips or parrot tulips. They are supposed to look like parrot feathers. This parrot looks like he’s been in a bar room brawl!

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  2. I don’t want to brag… but I guessed tulip as well. My Mom had lots of tulips. Thank You for the fond memories!
    I had a few when I lived in the midwest. I really miss tulips… but we do have the ever fabulous cactus blooms!


      1. I agree! Oh I wish I could show you the blossoms that bloomed today. Wait! I may have to post some more flower pictures. Maybe next week! 🙂


  3. Now how cool are these? I’ve never seen anything like them! But I’ve been waiting to tell you…..(forgot in all the mayhem of life!)… have come up around here and right in front of my very own new house……BLUEBELLS. You said you’d been waiting for them to show up over there….well they’re here! 🙂 Had no idea what they even were myself, but now I know!


  4. I didn’t cheat and knew it was a tulip. They remind me of my mother, who always had a large flower bed bursting with color in the spring.


  5. I actually did think it resembled a parrot tulip, however I was really hoping it was the ice crystals on the strawberry ice cream….


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