32 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. So glad to see you on here once in a while! I am sure the move plus house hunting has been busy for you. When I was 12 I went up for the ride in the Arch. A bit scary from what I could remember. But I did it with my cousin!


    1. I have to prioritise my days, Nancy and don’t have as many hours as I would like for reading and writing. Shame.
      We went up in the arch when we were there. You may not remember it vividly but the structure narrows and the tiny capsule you share with 2 strangers tilts and gets very stuffy. I was sure glad to get out at the top!

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    1. I love the way the arch towers over the city buildings.
      As for our spring, it is lovely and long! It starts with aconites and snowdrops in January, proceeds with crocuses and daffodils, on to bluebells and tulips, then straight into summer! I love the seasons. 😊

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  2. I’ve only seen the Arch flying in and out of St. Louis and it indeed is large and a presence. Great show of ‘scale’. Hope the house hunting is going well 🙂


    1. No. Not yet. Even though it is a grey, cold, miserable day here. If I could snap my fingers and be in AZ now that would be nice for a couple of weeks but I never, ever, EVER want to do an international move again. No. Don’t make me do that despite the blogging material it provided.

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      1. Can only imagine….it will probably be years before you actually recover. Am just glad to have you back on here a bit now! You were very missed!


        1. Thanks so much! I feel guilty when I read or write blogs. So much to do. (Mainly house hunting.) So little time. I have a castles, kings and wizards post in the pipeline. Must finish it sometime. ☺


      1. well it sure is cool – and I wonder who thought of making an arch – like were they sitting around saying – “okay – can;t do another eiffel tower… how about…. an arch” – ha!


          1. well not surprising that the locals were not on board – this seems to be the case with many artsy things – and well, so many dream smashers everywhere – ha! and yeah, they went big and got it – whew


              1. who knows – hm – and now you have me wondering the history of this cool icon!!!

                but I do know that the the eiffel tower was not “covered” because they ran out of money – it was supposed to be covered like the statue of liberty – and most viewed it as an unfinished eye sore because of this – it was almost troen down but the war time activities saved it.
                and it almost did not get built because of low funds – but ended up getting paid for within a couple years of being opened because of a nice business plan.

                anyhow, now I am really curious about the arch!


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