Photo Challenge: Warmth

Back to Yellowstone National Park for the photo challenge of warmth this week:

Yellowstone National Park

Taken just along the boardwalk from last week’s challenge of Yellow steam releases built up water pressure in the thermal basins. It may look inviting but is super-heated above boiling point by underground molten rock.

Yellowstone National Park

Smile for the camera and stay on the boardwalk. Don’t step back!


24 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Warmth

  1. I remember that boardwalk… Hot Springs are just that~~HOT! Thanks for warming me up. It might snow here just North of Phoenix! YIKES! Great photos and Happy New Year to You!!


    1. You will absolutely love it there, Barb. Give yourself at least two days, more if you have the time. I can recommend a reasonable rv park. The ones near the park gates can be pricey. Then go on to the Tetons.


    1. You might think so BD but the forecast for tomorrow is a low of -17° C and snow! We were there in early September. If you fancy a trip there now pack some skis and snow shoes. And your new camera. I’d love to see your photos!


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