26 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Yellow

      1. no – we have not – been close – we used to live in CO and went to wyoming a few times – but seems like there are only so many places we can visit in a year – but would love to go there and many other places in the northwest region and into MO and OR – happy holidays!

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  1. That is a spectacular photo! Very creative idea for an image for “yellow.” We also loved our time in Yellowstone last year — it is definitely a paradise for photographers!


    1. It wasn’t that easy to find a yellow picture, despite the name of Yellowstone – lots of blue and green and orange! Not feeling very smart though, just fond of taking snaps. Merry Christmas to you too!


      1. Definitely on my list, Carol. I didn’t become ‘nature girl’ until 2013, so my travels before that tended to be of the urban variety. Now that I have become one with Mother Earth, I have a whole slew of places I need to conquer.


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