51 thoughts on “English Rednecks

  1. I love the dual pics – jumbo flowers – and jumbo truck – ha! both with a little beauty all their own – and I enjoyed reading some of the comments in this post – and pubs and tearooms? awesome – enjoy your travels and be safe πŸ™‚

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  2. Hmmm — looking at the photos again, I think I misunderstood — the house with the flowers is the cottage you’re leaving? (Nonetheless, you still look beautiful.) The house with the truck is the new house — but it doesn’t look tiny at all! Your neighbor is probably jealous of your big truck, haha!


  3. Lovely house, beautiful flowers, and you look wonderful standing in front of it! Tiny houses are bestβ€”we’ve always had tiny homes. Easy to clean and cozy. I imagine that after all of those years of living in your RV that even a tiny home feels luxuriously spacious!


  4. Nice to hear from you again – have missed your adventures / misfortunes / calamities / interesting experiences / rants (cross out those that don’t apply). Cute little house – is this Suffolk or Norfolk? Just going by the flint and brick structure. Enjoy being in a house; I am looking forward to reading about your house hunting adventures soon πŸ™‚
    Jude xx


    1. Oh it all applies Jude. We’re just keeping a low profile for a while. In Suffolk. I’m sure as soon as we buy a caravan to hitch up to the truck the adventures / misfortunes / calamities / interesting experiences / rants will begin again. Tranquility reigns at the moment. Sitting in my recliner watching telly. πŸ˜†


    1. I took the photo like that on purpose, just for fun, but the truck does rather overwhelm the drive and it’s a work of art getting it on the drive. I haven’t driven the truck here, what with the steering wheel being on the wrong side. It’s scary enough sitting in the passenger seat!

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      1. Yeah I wondered how the adjustment would be. I remember as a child our mailman’s personal vehicle, the one he also used to deliver the mail, had the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car. I often wondered if it was confusing to drive considering he was on the outside of the lane instead of the inside.


        1. Himself is pretty good at it as he has driven right hand drive cars on the right in continental Europe but this truck is just HUGE on these roads making lanes doubly difficult to judge. It is nice to fall out of it again down to street level instead of hauling myself up out of my car!

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        1. I still want to think dogs did it. There are two nasty little yappers a few doors down – not a lovely big doggie like Smelly Dog. Althoooough . . . Guy Fawkes night is coming up. I might get just get away with your suggestion amongst all the fireworks. Hmmmm.

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  5. Oh, my. You’ve found your place, huh? Am sure the neighbours there will all be talking about your truck…it’ll probably become quite the attraction…

    “Oh, I live on the road with the enormous truck!”

    “Oh, yes, I heard about that…is it really bigger than the house?”

    Congrats, though! I bet you’re gonna be happy to have a place after all this, huh?

    You look great in the pic!


      1. Sounds like you are going to have to develop that “stiff upper lip” everyone talks about, huh? Am glad you’re in one place finally…..it will feel better soon, I’m sure!

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