Chocoholics Unite

So many of you drooled over your keyboards when I posted pictures of our desserts we felt obliged to take the same route back through France and stay in the same hotel so we could go back to the Restaurante de le Maire  to eat the same dessert so I couldย  photograph it and post it again. So . . . . .


Here it is and please no comments about the fact that the wine bottle and glasses are empty. You all encouraged me to drink.
Here is a close up:


The profiteroles were full of ice cream and the chocolate was pooling around them. I didn’t eat it all. I left some for you. Enjoy!

55 thoughts on “Chocoholics Unite

    1. It was at the Restaurant de la Mairie in Berry-au-Bac near Reims in France. Take a little trip and try it yourself. It’s not far!
      PS I enjoyed your interview but couldn’t seem to comment on the WP app. Could be operator error. Am homeless at the moment and pretty much limited to my phone. ๐Ÿ˜•


      1. Just a little trip!

        Thanks for letting me know about not being able to comment. Apparently comments only work on computers and iPads so it’s not operator error. Getting a new design working can be an adventure.


  1. Wine and chocolate! Life doesn’t get any better than this. I always thought when you go out for dinner just have the soup, salad, forget about the main course and go straight to desert that way you can finish your desert. No point letting it go to waste.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


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