Road Trip!

As we left a sleeping campsite behind and headed towards Dover, the stresses and strains of the last three months – an international move and corporate harassment – seeped away.

For the moment the monumental planning tasks for the move and our impending trip were complete and we were still on familiar roads.

Approaching check-in at the Channel Tunnel, reservation in hand, we were both spooked when the self check-in computer screen greeted us, “Hello Mrs. C. Welcome to EuroTunnel.” Without a word or screen touch from my driver, we were checked in and the smarty pants machine spat out our boarding pass.

“It knows me. That’s a little creepy.” The adventure into the unknown had begun.


The unmanned all-knowing computerised check-in at EuroTunnel:

EuroTunnel 200

EuroTunnel was celebrating 20 years of operation and the terminal building was heaving. Les Anglais on holiday. Even Snow White and Cinderella were there. Look closely under the W H Smith sign:


Attendez! We’re next!:


Oh very funny. France this way. Follow that car to the train:


On our way into the train, like a rat up a drainpipe, I had hoped to elucidate you with a quick snap of the Folkestone White Horse, an ancient Celtic carving in the chalk cliffs of Dover. However the carving is only 11 years old:

Folkestone White Horse

Follow the leader into the train:


In a car, on a train, under the English Channel. I’ve never quite been able to get my head round that:


And away we go. Italy beware:


To those of you who commiserated with me on my last post – A Catalogue of Disasters – many heartfelt thanks. Your kind words were most appreciated.

At the moment our brains are dulled with French food and wine to the extent that we are unable to stress about anything for a few days.

48 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. That sounds absolutely lovely (and much needed) to be stress free as a result of indulging in French food and wine — which now I’m assuming has been supplanted by Italian food and wine. Enjoy, enjoy!!!


    1. Doubt there will any racy parts except for the boy racers on the Italian motorways flying past us when we were already doing 80 mph! We guessed they were doing at least 100 or possibly 120 mph. Hang on to your hat!


    1. We are eating and drinking. Merry nearly went by the wayside today when the satnav went do-lally. The upside was that we got cross with “her” instead of each other! :/ Thanks for the good wishes, Nancy!


  2. I’ve taking the Eurostar once – I spent the journey swinging between feeling very bored by the lack of view out of the window and having panic attacks for the same reason. Brrr. Have a lovely holiday – eat, drink and recharge your batteries!


    1. I’ve never been on the Eurostar but the car train ride always seems to go quickly. So much less of a faff (sp?) than the ferry. Had a lovely couple of stops in your adopted country. Wanted to come back before we’d even left!


  3. Saturated with french wine and food isn’t a bad place to be. Sounds like a perfect way to decompress after all the stress you’ve been through. Have an extra glass of red for me 😉


    1. Okey dokey! One glass of red coming up. It will have to Italian though. We drove through the Alps and into Italy today. That was a hoot. Didn’t realize we’d be passing under Mt. Blanc! Somebody needs to sack the navigator.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you mean that 50k tunnel where you start to feel a little like a groundhog?
        What is it about Italians? While the rest of the world goes around and over mountains, they like to burrow through them. Driving in northern Italy it seems like you spend more time underground than in the sunlight.


        1. The longest tunnel was 8 km but there were squillions of them! I lost count – 10 or 12? From the look of the snow on the jagged peaks, I don’t think going over the top was an option. I can’t begin to imagine how much that stretch of road cost. I did get tired of tunnel scenery but the burst of WOW factor when we emerged each time was spectacular! Is there a 50 Km tunnel?


  4. Love your Seussism in there! “in a car, on a train…” I too had such a hard time with the concept of the Chunnel. I had read about the possibility of it when I was about 17 and then promptly forgot about it until I was about 40 when there was a reference to the Eurostar in a book I was reading. Not knowing what that was, I had to look it up and was astounded to see that not only had it actually been built, but had been in operation for well over 15 years! Last year, I finally rode it. Really is quite something and definitely hard to wrap your head around!

    Am glad to hear you’re loaded with wine and good food. There has to be some upside in all this. Enjoy while you can!


    1. Thanks so much! Glad you had the chance to be in a car, on a train. Didn’t realize I’d made a Seussism. Even had to look at your comment for the spelling. It would make a good poem. I’ll see if I can wrap my head round that. 🙂


    1. Whoo hoo! Got some new stresses to tell you all about! Was scribbling in the car today. It may be a while before I post. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to a glass of Italian wine imminently! Have to get my priorities right. 😀


  5. Oh my goodness! that train which carries cars through a tunnel under the English Channel looks more like inside a good size building!! Anyway, glad you are having some relaxing and fun time.


    1. We were on the train for trucks as it was a very busy summer Saturday and they were using all of their rolling stock. It was very spacious! And it is still a strange sensation though I’ve been on it quite a few times. You don’t really feel any movement. It’s like you arrive in France by magic!


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