This is the Place to Live!



Editors’s (that would be moi) note: Oh my. Look what I’ve done. In my frustration with the WordPress App and using my new smartphone I have published the same thing twice! I won’t delete one as some of you lovely people have “liked” one and some of you have stumbled on the other one! Oh bother.

This was a smartphone practice post for our upcoming road trip through Europe. More practice needed. Or a tablet. Or the laptop on my laptop while himself argues with the new SatNav. I’m so looking forward to it all.

This message is coming to you from the cozy familiar space of my laptop and will be repeated on the other post. LOL LOL

18 thoughts on “This is the Place to Live!

    1. Is your head back in Eastern time yet? My yoga teacher told me to stand in my bare feet on the bare earth to allow the earth’s electrical impulses to realign to body’s time clock. Needless to say, I’m always too tired to remember to try it.


      1. I’m familiar with the bare foot concept but I hadn’t considered it as a possible solution for jet lag.
        On this trip I really embraced the ‘be in the time zone where you are’. It’s tough the 24 hours, but I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel jet lagged for at least a week after returning home.
        I’ve bounced back remarkably fast, but I should go stand in the grass for a while …. maybe it will give me a super-charge 🙂


          1. Well … I overcame my discomfort with walking in grass with bare feet and pondered life for a while on the grass.
            I’m not sure about whether my energy level was increased as a result, but my hate-on for the weeds surrounding me leaped skywards.
            I then spent 2 hours on the offensive. I’ve reclaimed Sector 1 – the front yard. Mwahahahahaahaha!!!! Victory will be mine!!!!


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