Mad Dogs and Englishmen . . .

. . . . not only go out in the midday sun but also the pouring rain so they can go out in the midday sun!

Iffy weather forecast? No problem! Erect a marquee.  In the rain. Oh. Problem. Hmmmm. Scratch head. What do we do next?

garden party marquee

Aha! Put the canvas on the roof! Nice knees, Baz.

garden party marquee

There was a lengthy time lapse and a lot of rain between taking the above photo and the one below. As part of the six-person erection crew to lift the half tonne structure into place there was little opportunity to take photos.

garden party marquee

Once the heavy and slightly terrifying job of lifting the roof and inserting the supports on a windy evening was complete, photo opportunities presented themselves.

garden party marquee

Is that a light on in the kitchen? Is dinner ready? Oh, please! Let me go in now!

garden party marquee

After a week of foul weather, the garden party day was a perfect English summer’s day . . .

garden party marquee

. . . . in a beautiful English garden, with five-star accommodation laid on . . .

five star accommodation

. . . ample space for parking . . .

garden party marquee

. . . . food, drink and entertainment . . . .


. . . . . and games for all to spectate or take part.

rounders in the garden

This particular game is rounders, a bat and ball game similar to baseball but played in England since Tudor times. That would be something like 1500 to those of you who think America invented baseball. The game played on this day had a very relaxed set of rules depending on the age  and ability of the player. There were no tears. Not even from the adults.

It was a perfect day.

46 thoughts on “Mad Dogs and Englishmen . . .

  1. How fun this is! And you are always into something aren’t you? Am glad you’re so handy with that camera, it really keeps us feeling we’re sharing the adventures you are having!


    1. It was great to be an honorary family member and to put faces to names that we’d heard so much about over the years. So enjoying my time here but will start missing seeing my brothers and their families in the U.S. soon! There’s no pleasing me. 😕 There is always Skype and now gettng my head round Viber and WhatsApp.


  2. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet …. wait, that’s the post office, not Englishmen …

    Any gathering with good friends is a good time – regardless of the weather – but glad it was a perfect day.

    … and belated Happy Birthday 🙂


      1. We have been in Prague for the past 3 days and we are leaving for Krakow tomorrow. I was just starting to calm down after the drive into Prague on Tuesday and now I get to do it again :/
        You would think that after all the experience I have travelling, I would be better at it … but I”m not.


        1. It’s funny that. I still get anxious when I travel. We’re driving down to Italy next month. We really want to go and will enjoy the drive but if I could just click my fingers and be there . . . wouldn’t that be nice! We’re supposed to enjoy the journey, Joanne not just the destination, aren’t we? lol Enjoy the rest of your trip. I’m sure you will!


              1. Your reference to the TARDIS makes me realize that these devices result in encounters with monsters and extraordinarily unfriendly people. Hmmm – maybe I can wait after all 😉


    1. It was quite an endeavor for our host and hostess – putting up the marquee, catering for dozens and providing overnight accommodation for quite a few! But it was a lovely weekend for their guests.


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