Photo Challenge: Between

Between two  . . . . . ?

Giant sequoias, Sequoia National Park

 Giant sequoias. Or are they giant elephant’s feet?

Giant sequoias, Sequoia National Park

No trees! Definitely trees!

Giant sequoias, Sequoia National Park

Come to think of it there is a lot of daylight between my knees!
Why am I posting this? Click here:


Photos taken at Sequoia National Park. Awesome place!

54 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Between

          1. That’s on a trail in the Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston), called Mummy Springs trail. The tree I’m standing in between is the oldest in Nevada, called Raintree, a bristlecone pine. I’ve visited her twice.


      1. Um, no…..after that post about the roads out there, I think I’ll just stay here and enjoy the undercarriage on my vehicle! Thanks anyway,…will live vicariously through your pix!


  1. LOVE the perspective shots… the trees (which are always a hook for me) and the beauty of nature that you shared here.. thanks my friend!


  2. Hi, wow fantastic trees 🙂

    p.s is it ok if I take a copy of your WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge button for my blog? I am recently new to joining the challenge, I clicked through but could not find the button.


      1. 😀 thought I’d best ask first thanks I will come back and ‘borrow’ it.
        Can I ask, where you on holiday or do you live near the big trees; they are something I have always wanted to walk amongst, it must be a unique experience.


        1. Do you know, thanks to you I have just realized that I did not say in the post that the photos were taken in Sequoia National Park. I will go back and edit it. Sequoia NP is smack dab in the middle of California, about 600 miles from where we are now. There are also the California Redwoods which tend to grow on the coast. All of the ‘big tree’ National Parks are just stunning to visit. Google them!


          1. 🙂 I didn’t like to ask at first, it’s as though asking someone where they live 🙂 but I knew there would be a different feel, say if it was a holiday and the first time; I will go Google, but I know if I ever went, well I just wouldn’t want to come back home.


            1. You could spend a long time visiting all the “tree” parks in California. In fact some of these monster trees are just growing beside the road (though technically the road is beside them!) with no protection from the park service!


              1. I popped off for a Google and read that the roots, although covering quite a distance, only go 12 to 14 feet down! So beautiful though, wanders off for a sigh at some Google images 😀 ……..


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