Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Whoever thought prairie dogs were this big? Or are the Park rangers confused? Or have the bison nominated themselves as guardians of the prairie dogs’ diet?

The juxtaposition of the sign with the bison was worthy of a photograph. What I didn’t realize until I downloaded the photo was that a prairie dog was in the picture as well.

Can you see him?

Who is the extra? The prairie dog or the bison?

Bison at Teddy Roosevelt National Park
Bison (and one prairie dog) at Teddy Roosevelt National Park

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69 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

    1. Hes looks like he’s had a peroxide job doesn’t he? There is a photo of a prairie dog in the comments stream and their chests are white so maybe the one in his burrow doesn’t care for profile shots so was facing the camera.


  1. Was he not making noise at the Bison to scare them away? On hindsight they stop their barking when big animals move very slow around them so he must have trusted them by then. Really good phone catch.


  2. I do love ironic shots! Those bison are so tricky, trying to disguise themselves as prairie dogs. It would certainly cause a problem if they tried to go down one of the holes. πŸ™‚



  3. Must admit I had to enlarge the photo to spot the prairie dog! I thought you were trying to confuse us Brits by photographing bison next to that sign. We are pretty gullible!


    1. It’s not as though bison or prairie dogs are native to Britain! You have to know what you are looking for. And he was tiny. I certainly didn’t see him when I was there. I assumed the bison had scared them all away. 😯


  4. Don’t get prairie dogs here so I need a close up to know what to look for… or are prairie dogs something we get here and you just call it by another name??


      1. Look like an overgrown ground squirrel… similar to our ground squirrels of the Kalahari. just a lot bigger… now I’ve been back and spotted it in your photo…


      1. I wasn’t going to quit till I found it! I didn’t expect it to look white. Maybe it was the lighting that made it look that color. Or would it really have been white!?


          1. You probably caught his chest then! Can you imagine that such a small creature abides so happily with those mammoth bison! The bison pays no mind, I’m sure! Thanks for a fun post and great photo!

            I have a photo of a church, a typical east coast New England style church, with a sign out front that says, “Closed on Sundays”!!! The sign actually belongs to a real estate agency next door. But it sits in a way that as you pass in the car, the sign stands perfectly in front of the church!!!


              1. Nothing better than laughing out loud in a library (or a church!)! Why, in junior high or high school, that would begin a friendship! Plus, we would have ended up in detention together! Perfect!


                    1. Oh, I bet you were!
                      We’ll take turns!
                      Here’s my specialty…one time I took over the English class. I’d asked the teacher (who was probably all of 26 to my 16! But in my eyes, being over 20, he was a bonafide adult!) if we were going to have a pop-quiz on Monday.
                      It was a Friday and he was in the habit of surprising us with these quizzes.
                      Maybe there was a dance that night or a football game on Saturday…who knows. But in my mind, the last thing we 30 students needed on our minds was a pop-quiz.
                      Now, I knew I’d get an A on it as I always did. But my fellow students didn’t take to English as I did. While I’d ace English tests, I’d fumble around with Cs in Math, science and History. My English Lit classmates really struggled with English while acing Math and Science and History.
                      He said there’d be no quiz on Monday.
                      Well, Monday he started the class by saying, “Clear your desks, please.”
                      I said, “Excuse me?” recognizing the signal for a pop quiz.
                      He said, “Mary, I realized over the weekend we need to keep the quizes going.”
                      He repeated, “Class, clear your desks please,” and as he handed out a stack of tests, face down on the first desk of each row and as he’d say, “Don’t pass them back till I say,” I’d instruct, “Don’t pass them back till I say.”
                      When he’d put the stack on the first desk of each row, he announced “Okay, pass them back.”
                      I said, “Don’t,” and they didn’t!
                      Then I began to negotiate with the teacher, who, by the way I loved. He was a great teacher. And he really like me as well.
                      I negotiated that no one would get less than a C+. And that my grade would not be counted in the “curve” system that he used. (My grade always threw off the curve. I’m not bragging…as I say, I was dismal in my performance in other classes.)
                      And I made him promise he’d never surprise us with a quiz or test again.
                      He agreed to all terms as the class-time clock was ticking.
                      Then I said, “Ok, class, pass them back.” And they did.
                      When class was over, of course he held me back. He begged me to never take over his class again. I said I wouldn’t, as long as he stuck to the terms!
                      Footnote: I ran into this teacher about five years ago. He had retired that year!!! When I had him as a teacher, it was his first year teaching. We were so happy to see each other. He smiled and had a twinkle in his eye as he said, “You were quite a student!”


                    2. Well that was quite the story! My first spot of trouble was in 4th grade when I got my best mates in trouble and we all had to stay after school and write out the definition of trustworthy 350 times – “that can be be depended on, reliable.” Needless to say, I didn’t learn my lesson but I’ve always remembered that definition.


                    3. I had lots of fun in high school! I was a total angel all through the prior years. So I made up for it in high school. It was good, clean fun! I was always smiling and happy. My teachers loved me.
                      About the story above, as my father used to say, “Mary, you have a fierce sense of justice.” I did and still do!
                      Like you, I had to write a billion times on the chalk board one time. For me it was, “I will not write on my desk.” πŸ™‚ A good friend and I sat at the same desk in a classroom, but at different times of the day. So, we’d jot notes to each other (all in code of course) to fill each other in on “news” – read “social scene”! After the writing on the chalk board detention, we had another detention to clean all the desks in the classroom. Lesson learned!
                      Well, now you know all my secrets! All this because of a prairie dog!


                    4. I don’t recall exactly…all I remember is that “detention” had something to do with it. And I’ve written way too much to bother to go back and read it all!
                      All I know is that it was fun!


    1. There is a mound of dirt just below the bison on the very left of the photo. In the middle of it is a little white dot! It is a prairie dog. Honestly! You can see him if you enlarge the photo. 😯


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