A heartfelt thanks to all my friends,

While on our jolly way we wend.

So many have come through for me,

To wish us well, not misery!

Just one blogger I’ve met in person,

‘Cause the world’s too large you’ll hear me cursin’!

And yet that’s where adventures lay,

To seek anew another day.

So should you ever venture near,

Make contact! And we’ll drink some beer

Or wine or tea or your beverage of choice.

I’d love to meet and hear your voice.

Your written words have helped me through

The mush upstairs – my mental stew.

I’m not the only one to be

Confused. You’ve shared your thoughts with me.

You don’t advise or judge or preach,

But say life’s road is there to teach.

I was running out of blogging stuff.

But soon I’ll have more than enough.

While we work out our future’s bugs,

I say thanks again and grateful hugs.


If you have just stumbled on my blog this poem is in response to the outpouring of support, good wishes, hugs and shared experiences on my previous post Confused DNA and our impending departure to parts known and unknown which was alluded to on this post.

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42 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Just adding my good wishes as you set off on this next phase of your life…being inspired to write poetry is already a good beginning! Anticipating more of your insightful posts from your new/old homeland…but right now you must have lots of preparations.


    1. Sooo much to to do but I’d rather be blogging! Thank you for your good wishes. Much appreciated! I’m beginning to run our food supplies down. Soon for dinner we’ll be having refrigerator surprise!


  2. Carol, I wish you many grand adventures and a lovely little place that you can comfortably call home, one with a bed that is much easier to make. 🙂 Wish I could have met you in person but one never knows. International travel is on our list. Take care.


  3. Wishing you gobs of great good luck and some fun adventures to write about. I’m sure they’ll be fun reading. Try not to stress too much. It’ll all come out in the end. 😉


      1. If you’re up for the drive, you’re welcome to overnight it here. I work from 6am to 2pm weekdays – Eastern time zone hours – but am free as a bird after that. 🙂


  4. What can I say? Lovely poem; I feel your anxiety and confusion. I hope you find what you are looking for in England, or Europe. As someone who has no roots, I can offer no advice. But I will happily follow your adventure 🙂


  5. We don’t advise or judge or preach,
    Because life can be just like a beach.
    Of soft sands or sodden foot,
    Who can predict what’s in the book.
    For your travels in future days,
    Can only be for us a daze.
    To you my friend we wish all well,
    And want you to avoid any hell.
    That may come forth from future travels,
    Or from the life that is to unravel.

    Have a great move and I just know all will be well…


      1. Thank you AD.. sometimes it just pops out of me… I wish I could have it all the time, I so love poetry and feel expressions and feelings can be expressed so much better in poetry than in normal writings…


      1. Thank you Joanne, wish I could turn it on and off as I needed it, but it either flows on its own or it doesn’t exist… which is such a pity as I love it…


  6. Wishing you all the very best Carol. As soon as you are able do let us know how things are going. Sometimes the best blog material comes while on the move. I know I will be one of many waiting to hear how it’s going. Hugs from me to you. 🙂


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