Travel Theme: Rivers

Ailsa of Where’s my Backpack? has posted her travel theme this week of Rivers. Visit her post to learn how to join the challenge.

At first I thought I hadn’t any photos of rivers. But guess what? I’ve got loads. Oh no! I hear you say. I’ve whittled the number down to just a few (phew!):

The Niagara River tumbling over the falls from Lake Erie to lake Ontario:

Niagara Falls

Our practically mute and taciturn river guide at Magnolia Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina, cutting a wide swathe through the algal growth on the Ashley River and scaring away all the wildlife except Batman and Robin here:

In the town of Confolens, France, the river pictured is most probably the Vienne but possibly the Goire, as Confolens is at the confluence of the two rivers as the name suggests. Or I may have just made that up.

Confolens, France

The Chicago River. Happy daze in the Windy City on a not so windy day. We were gorging on Chicago-style hot dogs while others engaged in more energetic pursuits. Note the distinctive Willis Tower in the background:

Chicago River in Chicago

The Deschutes River in Olympia, Washington State after a heavy rain. Just upriver was a ‘no swimming’ sign. As if.

Deschutes River, Olympia, Washington State

“Drove my Chevy to the levee. But the levee was dry.” We didn’t drink whiskey and rye on the levee of the Mississippi River at St. Louis Missouri.

Chevy on the levee, St. Louis MO

The Rio Grande River at Big Bend National Park – Texas to the left, Mexico to the right:Rio Grande River at Big Bend National Park

Jude, at Travel Words asked in her Travel Theme: Rivers, have you taken a river cruise in England? Yes I have! And there is the very boat on the River Avon in Bath, England. We traveled upriver above the weir. What is a weir? Look here!

Avon River at Bath

Scared half to death as himself towed our travel trailer in narrow lanes of heavy traffic across the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River in New York City, I didn’t dare reach for the camera so Wikipedia will have to suffice:

George Washington Bridge
George Washington Bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At this distance it looks a doddle. It wasn’t.

Is doddle a word in common usage in the United States?




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35 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Rivers

  1. Two extremes…Rio Grande and George Washington Bridge! Cracks me up that it is called the Rio Grande, it’s mostly Rio Pocito (sp?). I guess at some point it was large 🙂 George Washington bridge goes to NJ… nope not where a New Yorker goes LOL Next time you are in NY…but only take the car, you need to capture the Brooklyn Bridge, not that is a beauty 🙂 …36 months to go 🙂


      1. I am! Now when I am on the road all I see are RV’s, I’m checking them all out 🙂 Figure in a year or so we’ll get serious about looking, but in the mean time have been doing a lot of reading and finding more folks to follow. Learning a lot on the blogs. BTW, you need to write scripts for sitcoms, your airport adventure was hilarious!!


    1. It is! it’s one of the places that I’d like to go back to. Yellowstone is another – I’ve been there twice and the Grand Canyon – I’ve been there three times – south, north and west rims!


  2. So what is a doddle? My iPad says there’s no definition.

    Just curious, did you keyword your photos from the beginning to be able to pull up all those rivers so easily?


    1. No I didn’t keyword my photos from the beginning and I so wish I had and I keep thinking I will and now with 1000’s and 1000’s of photos it would be such an overwhelming task and so not a doddle – an easy task, child’s play, cinch, duck soup.
      I sat and thought about about our travels and I know my picture files pretty well by now so the rivers came back to me. I have left out the Colorado, the Missouri, the Columbia, the Potomac, the Thames . . . . 🙂


  3. Love the pictures! I’ve been to only 3 of the 9 rivers. Rio Grande looks amazing and has almost a mythical lore to it … or maybe I’ve just seen too many cowboy movies 🙂


    1. I think you are right. We got right down to the banks of the Rio Grande and put our toes in just so we could say we had. In parts it’s hardly more than a trickle! You could jump across.


  4. Never heard of a ‘doddle’… love all these great words in Brit-speak. Thanks to blogging, I’m using more and more of them. Love the weird looks I get! 😀


    1. Just perusing my replies to see what nonsense I already said to other people and I see I didn’t reply to you. Smacked wrist! Glad I am able to increase your vocabulary with Britishisms – now I did make that up. I like making up words. It’s a doddle.


      1. Another thing we have in common. I love to get silly with words despite the occasional odd look! O_o
        (No worries… I’m having a hard time juggling through all the posts and comments and replies… not to mention the weeds that are about to swallow the dog, if not the house! That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about when your house sits on wheels. 😀


  5. It will always be the ‘Sear’s Tower’ to me and not the “Willis” LOL. Some great river shots. Hope you’re having a nice Mother’s Day 🙂


  6. Having been all around the USA I’m sure you must have millions of river photos, but my favourite if this selection has to be your first image. The Niagara Falls – such incredible power there!

    And thank you for the link! You are the second person to mention Bath, I can only assume the river cruises only happen in summer as I didn’t see any sign of them on my visit, which was on the 30th December!


    1. Thanks for that. I love that photo too. Niagara is a natural wonder that I grew up hearing about and never thought much about it until I was there. A bit like the Grand Canyon – you have to see it to believe it.
      We had a very pleasant put-put up the Avon in the summer. I wouldn’t think they’d have many takers in the winter.


  7. Great photos and descriptions. I now know what a “weir” is! Thank you. I’ve looked up “doddle” and thank you for enlightenment there as well!
    The funniest of my brothers has humor similar to yours. He’ll often say “Or I may have just made that up” and he always follows it up with, “But never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”


  8. You don’t think people go swimming in fast-moving flood waters? Think again. Can’t remember the number of people in Queensland rescued from flood waters or, sadly, their bodies retrieved. Despite signs saying “Don’t swim in flood waters”!


        1. If you could survive the mud and rapids for a few minutes you’d end up in Capital Lake in Olympia and climb out on the banks to the amusement of the state government employees!


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