Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Dear friends, faithful followers, drop-ins and countrymen and women of various countries,

I have been honored over the last few weeks with several awards which I have ungraciously put in my back pocket favorites file until I had some more time.

How some of you work full time, organize families, exercise and run a household as well as blog is beyond me. I guess you don’t sleep. Or am I lazy?

Anyway, I have finally answered questions, perused my followers file and put these awards in an orderly queue to dole out over the next few days.

If I have missed you out, awarded you twice or failed to read your side bar/awards page to note that you don’t accept awards – huge appa-logies!

Many thanks to all of you who have felt that I am worthy. I appreciate enormously your visits, likes and comments. Awards are icing.

Once the awards have all been rolled out I’ll be publishing a harrowing tale of air travel titled, “Airport Gestapo.”

But first . . . . . 



Which Way Now 101 has been nominated for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award” by Coach Muller. I highly recommend that you visit his site, Good Time Stories to read his inspiring and heartwarming stories.

Thanks Coach for including me on your team!

What is a Team?

A team comprises a group of people linked in a common purpose. Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent sub-tasks.

Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize his/her strengths and minimize his/her weaknesses. Team members learn how to help one another, help other team members realize their true potential and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations.

A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.

It is now my privilege to announce my nominations for this awesome award. Before I do, please allow me to show you the rules for this award.

1) The nominee of the “Wonderful Team Readership Award” shall display the logo on their blog.

2) The nominee shall nominate 14 other bloggers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once, or little by little, linking to their blogs and telling them about it at their blogs.

So here is my list of nominations for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award.”











If you are counting, there are only 10 blogs listed. More to come!

25 thoughts on “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

  1. I am very flattered to be on your list Carol, but I decided that I would keep my blogs award free. I always feel uncomfortable saying no to something that is obviously kindly intended, and I thank you for the thought. Hope you don’t mind O_o
    Jude xx


    1. Of course I don’t mind. I know many bloggers prefer to be award free. I’ve just double-checked your blog and you couldn’t have made your ‘award free’ thingy more obvious! My head must have been on another continent when I checked before. Thank you for your kind words.


      1. That’s because I have only just put it on! I thought I ought to make it more obvious as others have awarded me before – my fault for not making it clear. At least now it is noticeable, and thanks again for the nomination – I do appreciate the thought.


  2. Congrats! And I can’t wait to read the airport gestapo story. There’s one I’ve been sitting on myself, because it’s a little…risqué… Need to decide if it languishes in Draft folder, dies a quick death or ever gets published..


  3. That time is fast approaching….you know what I’m talking about! My crystal ball detects big changes in your future 🙂 Thought about you as I drove past Gouldings.


  4. So… it’s award season again! O_o You deserve every last single one of ’em for bringing cheer and laughs to my day. Thanks for including me. I look forward to the next thriller with the “Airport Gestapo”. I’ll try to remember not to be taking a sip as I commence reading. 😮


    1. Hahaha! So I am responsible for yet another person spitting their drink! I don’t know that’s it’s actually awards season, just that I am very tardy with passing mine on.


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