Poppies Are Red


Roses are red.

Poppies are too.

If you’re unsure,

Here are photos for you!

Poppies in Languedoc Roussillon France Poppies in Languedoc Roussillon France Poppies in Languedoc Roussillon France

The next verse must be read with an American accent for it to rhyme:

Languedoc Roussillon

A region of France

Has red poppies galore

And here’s some for Nanc!

Sorry, Nancy. Couldn’t resist!

Heyjude has shared with me that they are Papaver rhoeas, commonly known as corn poppies or field poppies. They are found throughout Europe in late spring. Thanks, Jude. 

And here are some totally unrelated photos for those of you in the frozen north – some Mediterranean beach scenes from France. I “stumbled” on them in the same photo folder after the poppies. Hold your hands up to the screen and feel the warmth.

French Mediterranean beach French Mediterranean beach French Mediterranean beach French Mediterranean beach  

Roll on spring and warm weather!

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43 thoughts on “Poppies Are Red

  1. The field of poppies… GORGEOUS! France has poppies… who knew?? Well, you did… but not me! Oh, and Arizona has lots of blooms. Right now Arizona is in bloom! I will be posting some pictures soon. Neat post!


  2. Beautiful poppy fields, and even though I’m not in the frozen north, and right next to a very warm beach, I really enjoyed your beach scenes. I had no problem with the American accent, as I live there for half the year. 🙂


  3. Okay, evidently I was smoking crack yesterday because when I went back to look at my pictures from Greece, Turkey, etc., the poppies were, in fact, red. But I know I’ve seen orange ones, so I looked through more folders – and it turns out they were in California! Blame it on too much exercise and not enough sleep. 🙂


        1. Yes. Yes! YES! Actually we’ll be near Ancona in August for a family wedding, but have to be back in England in September for another family wedding. If I come back to Italy can you tow me behind you in one of those kiddie cart things?


          1. Well I will talk to Hubby and see if he can do the towing. I’m afraid you and I would never get to the wine drinking if you are relying on my cycling power. 🙂


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