Surviving in a Small Box

A (very small) room with a view.
A (very small) room with a view.

Our tolerance levels are tested when we’re cooped up in our shoebox RV. Bad vibes bounce right back to the perpetrator and can ricochet between us with increasing ferocity. Some days I bite back caustic remarks in a bid for peace in the box. Some days I don’t. Some days I try to couch accusations as innocuous statements so as not to be seen to be blaming him.

“The water should be nice and hot. I turned the water heater off when I got up for a wee at 3:00.”

“Was it on all night?” himself asked, his voice raising in alarm as our water heater can be temperamental and hot water spews down the outside of the trailer in its own campaign to escape the box.

“Not all night. Just half the night.” I valiantly left it at that. He knew he had turned it on and left it on. If he thought I’d done it, he’d have let me know. If he thought I’d accused him of doing it, he’d have let me know that too.

The merits of sarcasm, nagging, letting rip and knowing when to shut up often “debated.”

"Don't jump! I didn't mean it!"
“Don’t jump! I didn’t mean it!” Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Unexpected weather in Asheville, North Carolina
Unexpected weather keeping us cooped up in Asheville, North Carolina
"I've had enough! I'm off and I'm not coming back!" Canyonlands National Park, Utah
“I’ve had enough! I’m off and I’m not coming back!” Canyonlands National Park, Utah
A shadow of our former selves in Canyonlands National Park, Utah
A shadow of our former selves in Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Some alone time with just his dog for company. Monument Valley, Utah
Some alone time with just his dog for company. Monument Valley, Utah
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54 thoughts on “Surviving in a Small Box

  1. Been doing this for 2 years but we have been lucky that we don’t get on each others nerves but wanted to tell you i really enjoyed your pics:)


      1. yes it is a montana 5th wheel 34 foot two slides. we are in redding ca right now but heading to almont colorado in about a month


  2. We all know exactly what sets our ‘other halves’ off – PF know just how to goad me into reacting. I can’t imagine not being able to escape into another room though, and that aspect probably strengthens your couple even more than the nomadic lifestyle you lead. Beautiful pics – my favourite has to be the siesta in the sun.


    1. I’ve sat in the car with a cup of tea and a book – still hitched up to the trailer – but still, “another room.” Don’t know who the guy on the table was but couldn’t resist a click! 😀


  3. Such refreshing honesty! So many times people look at us living full-time in our little trailer and say, “Wow, you must really get along well!” We just look at each other and laugh. For the most part, I suppose we do get along well for living in such a small space. Sure helps to have a sense of humor. Time-outs help immensely, too!!


  4. I think both Terry and I can relate, each needing our own space at times. Laundry and grocery-shopping work well for me, and Terry will just take a stroll around the campground when his pacing begins to wear thin the carpeting (or was that my nerves). 😉


  5. The closer quarters aren’t for everyone for sure. Many of our friends are amazed how well we do in this 40 ft space. Luckily for many people in this lifestyle, they are visiting places that allow them to get alone time. We are the odd ones out sometime I think. We really don’t enjoy alone time. Strange, I know, but after 38 years it works for us. Different strokes for different folks:) Makes the world a nice place:) But please don’t jump!!! Haha!


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